Friday, 6 March 2009


Is it, could it be, do I sniff Spring in the air?

I may be getting ahead of myself here. It is only March and quite frankly it is freezing. And it has been known to snow in April. But I am champing at the bit for Spring to be sprung already.

Spring in the UK is lovely with all the little flowers everywhere. The weather goes a bit mental but wait what am I saying.

The people go a bit mental too. I know I do. The promise of sun drives us into a frenzy. It is the time when I strip down to a few mere layers, and it is the time when the locals strip down to their underwear and lie around in parks. In their jocks. Strue.

The main reason it drives us into a frenzy though, is because of what it promises. After Spring comes... Summer. With looong days and barbecues and pink necks and even more underwear on show. Right?

-Insert jaded laughter here-

I think not. There was a Summer once. They talk about it often. In fact I think I have become British because I talk about it often too. That Summer of 2003. The year I stepped fresh off the plane.

My dear BFG, a seasoned traveller who was staying in Cape Town to finish his Masters, had told me, the greenhorn, not to pack any short sleeved tops because I would never get to use them. I arrived to a month of 30 plus degrees, armed only with my concept of hardcore winter gear. I am from Durban, so this was not in any way useful in an actual winter, but neither was it any use in a sweltering heatwave.

But since that wondrous time, summer has not put in an appearance. Yet each year at spring time, there is still an excited buzz in the air. Maybe this year it will be different. Maybe this year we will have "the hottest summer for 1.35 years" or whatever.

I am already lining up all the summer camping trips I want to do this year to some beautiful places (Norfolk, Northumberland, Scotland, North Wales, Lake District, and my favourite, Cornwall, if these names mean anything to anyone).

I keep feeling like I won't be here many more years. Of course I may end up as a full card carrying Brit and never leave. But I think it is not a bad idea to treat each summer as if it is my last and to try and do as much as possible.

I need the sun badly. Each year the winter gets tougher for me. This one has been a killer, except for the beautiful snow.

Please, this year, let it not be "oh there was quite a nice week in May, remember?" Please let there be more than "one nice week".

Dare I even dream? Let there be two.


Tay said...

Lurvvvvve spring! My most favourite time! Hope summer comes around soon for you!

Ps. My verification word is PO dyst - hee hee

Arkwife said...

I couldn't possibly live in a place where I hope for a week or two of sun. You must be Super-Po!! Only Super-Po could survive that.

Dash said...

spring and summer here brings the promise of rain...god (or perhaps I should say Shiva), make it rain!

DT said...

Dream away Po! It will be a good summer for you - I feel it in my bones! it is two thousand and fine after all!

Ches said...

Spring! With all that snow?

Tamara said...

Spring for you means autumn for us. Sigh. I don't want to say goodbye to summer. Pout.

Hope you have a good weekend filled with warmth ;-)

po said...

Tay: it is summer for me. But you should see the flowers here, they are so beautiful!

Arkwife: hehe I do exaggerate, just a tad, but it is true that there is usually one week that stands out!

dash: the last 2 summers it has meant rain here too. Meep!

DT: you think? I hope like the pope

Ches: shh don't say that too loudly. Although the snnow is my best thing.

po said...

Tamara: oh yes, oops. But you guys have aesome summers without fail. And the last time I visited Gauteng it was July and 28 degrees in the day. Ok and 2 degrees at night. But come on 28 degrees! you winters are warmer than our summers. I think that summer we peaked at about 24.

6000 said...

Oh honestly - quit your whining. ;@)
We only got a few days of snow here last winter - how do you think I felt then?
But I never moaned about it.

You like everything else about the UK - what's one little weather issue?

It was (as I showed on twitpic) 48C when I got into my car yesterday. Honestly - where would you rather be?

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh come now, summer of 2006 wasn't bad either :P

I quite enjoy summer here in a way cause everyone gets to excited on a day that the sun comes out. Unlike back home where we are all so used to it so you take it for granted.

Hey, am following you on Twitter - leeleeee ;-)

po said...

6000: 48 48 48 48! I would rather be in 48!

Well, it would be a novelty anyway. For a few hours.

Miss M: 2006... oh yeah I had a barbecue that year.

I definitely dont take it for granted any more.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope for your sake there is. You sort of sound like the opposite of my yearly prayer. That I'll finally get to see snow.

Sass said...

I'm walking to school today to have lunch with my son.

This weather that we're having is fabulous, and it makes me smile all over. ;)

Have a great weekend, po.

LadyFi said...

Ah - the promise of spring and the memories of a time when summers were hotter and longer!

The ice is still on the lake, but quite a bit of snow has melted here. The days are lighter and longer... yippee! I think that spring buzz will be along some time next month.. I hope... or even this month? or...

po said...

Irish chicken soup: I reckon you will. I only saw snow for the first time age 23. You live in such a big country, there is snow in there somewhere :)

LAdyfi: I know, it is light when I wake up now, and light when I go home! I think that is why I am getting so excited!

Sass: yay! Yes it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling too.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

its never hot
its warm with a breeze (cold)
I look forward to winter, coz then this place has a legitimate reason for being cold wet and snowy

Louisa said...

Mwahahaha, shame poor Po. I spoke to another friend of mine who also lives there and I mentioned that I saw lots of people saying that they've been having nice weather lately. She explodes with "It's like 10'C?!Are you kidding me?". So I said I thought that was nice weather for over there and she just laughed and agreed.

po said...

Miss definitely maybe: it can be hot sometimes, it can. Some years I should say.

Louisa: yep, if it is 10 but sunny then it is good weather.