Saturday, 7 March 2009

Six word Saturday

I decided to join in on the Six Word Saturday game that I see often on Sass's blog Are you Sassified?

Sass's blog is great. She lives in Springfield, and people, she may well be neighbours with the Simpsons. You never know. This is not why I read her blog though. I read it because she knows how to wield her words.

She got this game from Show My Face.

Here are my six words for this Saturday:

You are allowed to want more.

I have trouble with this concept. I want to believe it though.

What are your six words?


Sass said...

Not only are you allowed to WANT more, have a responsibility to ACHIEVE more.

Thank you for your kind words.

And for the record...hubs is a power plant worker.

I may well BE the Simpsons...

Anonymous said...

My six words. My mom is watching church tv.

It's the only sentence with six words i could come up with lol :) my deep sentences were. Maxine is my best friend. Or like 'i was hoping he'd fight for me' but too short and too long

Dash said...

you can get more, is just as important

i'm gonna go with

"shut up! time to carry on"

LadyFi said...

Where are the coffee and chocolate?

Six tiny but important words.

Anonymous said...

Wine and cigarettes are necessities!

Being Brazen said...

my six words for Saturday: "Can you make mine a double"


po said...

Nice one guys!

my less serious one: "Bet I slept more than you".

6000 said...

You know I don't do these.


po said...

6000: I have 6 words for you:

I made you do a meme.


Miss Definitely Maybe said...

my six words would be

serviced the car and the mechanic

po said...

miss definitely maybe: whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Loved it.

Tamara said...

Saturdays never ever last long enough.


Your word verification now is 'uncle'.


po said...

Tamara: so true.

And you are good at this 6 word thing!

Jeanne said...

"My new ski boots have arrived!"

I am like Sisterperson was with the dassies: skibootsskibootsskibootsskibootsprettyprettygirlyskibootsallmineminemine!!!