Sunday, 13 July 2008

About Po

Things about me:

I already wrote this blog entry before I realized I was tagged by justB[coz] but I am going to use it becoz it lists at least 8 weird things about me:

1. I am dazed and confused

2. I like handstands

3. I am a nerd

4. I am totally uncool

5. I am totally cool with being uncool. Surely it is uncool to be too cool? Or to wish you were cool? I figure that I am so uncool that I am practically cool.

6. I drink too much coffee

7. I fiddle with bacteria plants for a living

8. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, which I figure will be when I hit 60.

9. I hate shopping and I have no dress sense

10. I hate make-up

11. I am a girl

12. I cannot drive

13. I am left handed

14. I am a Leo who is totally shy and avoids attention. And then seeks it, in a repressed kind of way, only to run away again as soon as I get it. See? Confused. Not that I believe horoscopes or anything.

15. I have brushed my teeth with shampoo before. Don’t ask. It was in Bulgaria. Desperate times.

16. I have lived for 7 weeks straight in a tent. In a field with a portaloo. To shower we had to go to the local swimming club and pay. Was working on a blueberry farm.

17. I do not believe in marriage

18. I once slept on the street in London outside Kings Cross station. I worked in Cambridge and missed the last train to where I lived, Stevenage, so I took the train to London (about an hour from Cambridge), hoping to take a train home from there. I missed the last train home. There were loads of other people who missed their train doing the same so at least it was safe.

The next morning, all trains were replaced by buses for some reason (a leaf or something, I don’t know what that day’s excuse was). Our bus driver got lost for two hours, started swearing, and threw his map book at us. We hadn’t even left London. I have had better times.

19. I have an obsession with peppermints

20. I’m alright really…

P.S. justB[coz]: you are wonderful.

Here are the 8 people I want to find out more about (write 8 unusual things about you, and if you want to, tag 8 more people). I won't be offended if you can't be asked to do this:

(OK that is only 6 people but I am new to blogging, I don't know 8!)


justBcoz said...


Uncool Nerds are the best =)

po said...

Yay, I am glad you feel that way, it did't work like that at school!

Szavanna said...

hey thanks for the comment on my blog - you are definitely "cool" if I would have to choose between cool or uncool hehe :) and Ndebele houses - yes they are cool too ! Much greetings!

Anonymous said...

Cool is a matter of opinion and I'm thinking you are pretty cool.

Of course I'm a you decide how much that opinion matters.

po said...

irish chicken soup: the opinion of geeks is what REALLY matters, especially ones with such cool names :)

Darkchocolate said...

just visited your blog . would have loved to leave a comment but there is no comment button. was that deliberate ?