Monday, 28 July 2008

Leaving the house is overrated

The internet is truly amazing. Not only can you buy anything you can think of, but you can watch most things you can think of too, and listen to music for free on sites like And you can speak to people for free over skype and other messaging programmes. You can book flights, hotels, etc, bank, pay bills, and waste hours and hours of time reading endless rubbish.

Today I found a site called where you can pay to download workouts by instructors. So now I do not even have to leave the house to exercise, and the online version is much cheaper than paying for a real life class.

I may never leave the house again. If only I could download sunlight and seaside at the touch of a button, life would be complete.


AQUILOGY said...

You must make sure you get that sunlight if you don't want your bones to start

po said...

Yeah you are right!

But as I am staying in the UK at the moment, I am deprived of sun already. Oh dear, my bones are probably getting weaker as I speak.