Sunday, 20 July 2008

Old skool poetry 4 - 2004

Warm Kiss

To kiss the sun

slow and deep and long
would be an experience
titillating I think

hopefully the tongue of flame
will reach right down into my inside
and warm me from the toes up.
It is too cold in this place
and lonely.

copyright of Po

Ok this one I can still relate to. I was clearly suffering my first endless winter in the UK. I feel the same way right now, someone cancelled summer for the last 2 years over here. I want to get the sun switched back on but I feel that the complaints department of English weather is a call centre based somewhere foreign like Timbuktu, and when I phone, after 4 days of endless repeat dialling, all I will get is the song "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine" played back at me.


Miss Sparkles said...

You're really brave to put your poetry out there like that :)
I'm enjoying the read.

po said...

Thank you, but I am only brave because this is really old and silly stuff that I wrote ages ago, and it makes me laugh, so it is for humour purposes only. I am much more shy about things I write now, because I take it more seriously.

I can't get over some of the stuff I wrote back then, so funny!