Sunday, 6 July 2008

Fuzzy logic

I am off to Ireland for the week, so i shall leave the world with this piece of infinite wisdom:

You know the expression "overweight and underpaid"? It brings to my mind middle aged middle management and civil service type jobs (of course I am generalising). Then "underweight and overpaid" makes me think of Hollywood starlets, supermodels and popstars.

And "overweight and overpaid" reminds me of oil barons and politicians. "Underweight and underpaid" brings to mind third world farmers.

So, currently I am "average weight and not paid."

Whether I lose or gain weight, my pay situation should improve.

As they say, I have nothing to lose,everything to gain, passthecookiesplease!

I am recovering from an operation, so that is about all I can manage anyway.


Khadija said...

brilliant lol ditto for me

po said...

There has to be a better solution to "not paid" than, you know, doing stuff!