Monday, 28 July 2008

Is Qwelane's article in any way moral?

How can Jon Qwelane equate gay marriage to marrying an animal? As far as I was aware, gay marriage involves 2 legally adult people consenting to be together forever because they love each other. An animal cannot consent to anything. We cannot argue whether an animal can be in love with anything or not as it cannot tell us so.

I personally will never understand why people object to homosexuality. Morals are usually formed to protect other people from harm. How does two adults loving each other harm anyone?

I would argue that having sex with a minor is immoral, because the child is not emotionally ready for sex, and it may cause psychological issues later in life. A child may not truly understand what he/she is agreeing to, and fully understand the consequences thereof. That is why we have laws protecting minors from decisions that they are not ready to make. The same goes for animals.

But homosexual adults living together harm nobody and I fail to see how it can be deemed immoral. I am however aware that many people do believe that it is immoral, and they are entitled to their opinions.

I would hope that most people's reasons for disapproving of homosexuality are better reasoned and thought out than Jon Qwelane's though. His article amounts to pure opinionated bigotry. He has no reasoned argument for how he feels at all, he just doesn't like gay people, and feels somehow that he has the right to publish his views on a public forum. If the article contained an argument for his beliefs I MIGHT understand why he was allowed to publish it in the Sunday Sun. But in the end it is a poorly put together rant. Imagine if someone wrote a similar rant on how they despise black people! People's views, unless well reasoned and valid arguments, should remain in the personal sphere of life, and do not belong in nationally read newspapers.

You can argue whether homosexuality is immoral or not but what about publishing bigoted views in a country where lesbians and gays are murdered and raped for their way of life? Could it not be argued that Qwelane's article is immoral because it contributes to the culture of gay-bashing that in South Africa leads to the harming of these people?

South Africans should demand reasoned and intelligent arguments and points of view. We are intelligent people and we deserve better written articles in newspapers than this.

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