Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Drying paint

I have noticed a worrying trend in my blogging. I am starting to write about the events in my life as if they are something fascinating that people would actually want to read about. It is becoming horribly self gratifying.

Now, I am 99.92% sure that no one reads my blog but me. (Mom, are you out there? Oooo, on second thought, I remember gently mocking my Mom’s faith in crystal skulls in a previous post. No moms allowed). But still.

Note to self:

You live a dull, dull life interspersed with rare moments of madness. Do not write about your adventures with drying paint as if anyone, including you, would wish to read them.


Anonymous said...

one times reader: present

po said...

A reader! That is cool. Thank you for reading.

Khadija said...

Lol, a reader here;-)

Apologise for not asking you beforehand if I could use your comment:(

I really appreciate the depth of your thoughts.

po said...

Hi Khadija, thank YOU for reading, it feels so strange to have actual readers!

I really enjoy your posts on Thoughtleader, I happen to be studying a UNISA course on environmental ethics, so your subject is stimulating and interesting to me.

I especially admire that you are active, since for me it has just been something to think about.