Saturday, 5 July 2008

The world is ready for Kung fu Po

I just saw Kung Fu Panda, and the panda's name was Po! I swear I did not steal the name from the movie, although I do feel a certain resonance with the cuddly two-tone bear.

I can currently see my toes (bearly, if you will excuse the outrageous pun(da). Ok, stop this. Stop). But I think that I share his aimlessness, confusion, clumsiness, lack of kung fu skills, and obsession with cookies. Does this mean that I will nevertheless defeat all odds and become a hero? Kewl. And I can (or could) do the splits.

There is another cool looking animated movie coming out about a cute robot called "Wall E". Now funnily enough, one of my other long-standing nicknames is Wally. I think this is some kind of a sign. My time is coming, and it shall be good.

Be prepared world, for a kickass cuddly-bear robotty superhero (who trips over her own feet but knows how to do a tribal stick dance with real sticks) with a cartoon turtle tattooed on her ankle. His name is Norm.

The wise old ancient in Kung fu Panda was a tortoise. I see more connections between us all the time.

You have been warned.

(The movie was great by the way, first good animated movie I have seen in ages. Yay for Jack Black. There were no cringingly over-emotional scenes, and no rabid outbreaks of joyous song. Yes, no singing. Such a pleasure.)

P.S. There was a trailer for another animated movie about Kung Fu chickens. Now this is so unneccessary. Firstly, they looked nothing like chickens. They looked like weiners with hair. Secondly, it just so blatantly copycatting. It seems that this year's buzzword is kung fu, so just bung it in your movie title, and ka ching! Instant coiny coiny. It is just crass and so Hollywood.


Khadija said...


Lol. Po is a superhero name. You'll have to work in one superhero act per day.

po said...

Oh no, the pressure, I don't think I can cope.

I shall save the world from evil biscuit domination, one cookie at a time.

Khadija said...


Its a bird, its a plane, it a po?

Khadija said...


Its a bird, its a plane, it a po?

Rachel said...

Kung Fu Chickens? Too far.

po said...


I agree. And you have to see these "chickens". I don't see any resemblance. One has an afro.

The world will not know what has hit it. Yesterday I saved the world from some leftover rich tea biscuits (the English equivalent of marie biscuits, only maries are MUCH nicer!!).