Saturday, 19 July 2008

Old Skool poetry volume 1 - cow on a hot tin roof

I found this book of poetry that I wrote in 2004. The poems are awful but it is quite hilarious to think that I actually wrote this stuff!

I would love to know what I was smoking at this time.

Suburban cow

There is a cow on our roof
my sister told me
I ignored her
I thought it was April fools
until the mooing grew louder
then I went outside and there it was
a cow
on the roof of our suburban house
a bit embarrassing really
what will the neighbours think?
I know what they will think
It looks like there is a cow on that roof
but there isn't
cows do not stand on suburban roofs
and moo and moo til the...
cows come home?
So we did what seemed best
up the ladder and down again
with a bucket of fresh creamy milk.

(What the fack?)

copyright of Po


Miss Sparkles said...

I love your blog!
RE: forward the mail onto the person in Mauritius - their details should be in the letter... sucks to be them.

po said...

Hey , thank you!

That is a good idea, the only thing is that I am staying in the UK so the post will cost a bit. But yes, i think that is the only option!