Monday, 22 February 2010

Robot angst

Sheesh, sorry for the distressed outburst on Friday, but it felt so good to write that post. I can't exactly freak out and swear in the lab but I did feel like throwing something at the wall at one stage.

For once it wasn't even my fault, technology was rebelling against me but it was just the limit. I can only take so much. I had to throw something away and have to start again this week. Whatevs.

I am feeling so much better. But lets be honest, I wrote this post on Sunday night, after lots of sleep, food and exercise. I thought it would be best to write it then rather than Monday because I assume after about 5 minutes on Monday morning I will be freaking out again.

So lets go with the happiness vibes.

BFG has been coding robots to destroy each other all weekend. His first robot committed suicide by bashing its head repeatedly against the wall, instead of blowing other robots to smithereens.

I just thought you would like to know.


Anonymous said...

robots = cool; doesn't matter what the fisherman say. So funny that the robot killed itself. bwahahahaha.

On a somber note: well, as long as the mood is picking up somewhat- its a good thing

... that last sentence is lost in the air

its supposed to mean I'm glad that at least your mood has picked up.

what came out was more like gobble-dee-gook

oh well

Cam said...

Um....robot wars, or is the matrix real?

PS. My word verification says 'flotar' Hmmmm.

MidniteGem said...

lol - our bf are VERY similar! is he an electrical engineer or wanted to be one?
Glad you were in a better mood last night and lets hope that it has lasted until the end of today...
I'm getting all the bad work karma today me thinks.

po said...

Paula: I was highly amused at the BFG's suicidal robot too, although apparently his later ones are more vicious :)

Cam: these robots are just numbers that shoot. Scary numbers!

Midnite gem: yup he studied electrical engineering! Does your bf play crobots too? whahaha for fun, I mean he did it the whole weekend. Bizarre.

I am getting weird work vibes today too. Will it ever end? Maybe its just the weather hey? Did it snow in London. It snowed the whole morning here.

EEbEE said...

i thought you meant traffic lights for a second...

(i'm south african... can you tell :P)

(also i'd pay to see a robot smash it's brain out on a wall... maybe this is a good thing)