Friday, 12 February 2010


You know how if you have cats, they go mental when there is a change in weather? From what I remember from when I was small, if the weather changed from the normal Durban humidity to a crisp chilly day, my cat would go insane. He would tear up and down the passage and attack me like a banshee. He loved me really. And my sister's cats turn into fruit loops when it snows here. You don't want to be a moving target on snow days. It's best to just stay in bed. Safer.

I think the term is: "moggy". Because they are cats and all, right?

Anyway, the weather here has made me go moggy too. It was pretty warm (ie above zero) and rainy and then all of a sardine it became icy and alternated between sun and snow. And I am going insane.

I seem to oscillate between jubilation and despair. But mostly hysteria. For some reason everything is vastly funny to me. And I want to run around the room and do cartwheels and go catch snowflakes on my tongue.

I spend most of my time alone at work because my colleagues work in an office and I am in the lab. I have no one to tell my hilarious jokes to. The other day I was giggling to myself for about 15 minutes about the word "soutpiel*". I'm not sure I want to be explaining about penises dangling into the sea to my superiors anyway. People are deadly serious around here.

As I have no one with which to share the intense hilarity that is life, I have started hosting conversations in my head where I explain to imaginary people how funny it all is. Also I keep grinning manically and snorting. I think I am scaring the post doc who does wander into the lab on occasion. And when anyone does come near me I start prattling until I see their startled faces. Then I start giggling again. It would be best if they all just stayed in bed, really. Safer.

I have finally cracked. It is true what they say, if you spend too much time alone, you will start talking to your pet weeds and their little fly friends.

At least they talk back.

*Afrikaans word for English speaking South Africans, meaning "salty penis". Because they have one foot in England, one in South Africa, and your sausage** dangling in the sea.

**white boerewors!***

***pity it will be so small and shriveled.


momcat said...

Thats what your blog is for. You have a captive audience of millions (potentially). Just let it all spill out. Really, we don't mind, Ms Moggy!

Gillian said...

Small and shrivelled? Youre doing something wrong or that water is too fekking cold!

Cam said...

Ha ha, Po....don't the plants talk back....yet ;)

po said...

momcat: exactly! Gotta love a blog, where I can be as silly as I want. Thanks ;)

Gillian: hehehehe well no comment about white penises. That would be rude. They may not need cold water to go small andshirvelled, is all I am saying. Man that is rude and so cliched. But I'm just keeding!

Cam: too late dude, too late.

LadyFi said...

Hilarious word - salty penis! My mind is boggling!

EEbEE said...

are you progressing towards some goal?

or just stuck in one place...looking for a way out maybe?

If i knew you better, i'd start to worry a bit Po.

Dash said...

take a tape recorder to work!

po said...

LAdyfi: Afrikaans is quite a salty language :

EEbEE: You should worry. You should. I am dangerous when I get happy.

Dash: Dash! Your blog doesn't update on my blogger updater any more! You sill blogging?

Tamara said...

Hehehe... if it helps at all, the people who read your blog are giggling and snorting too. And our colleagues at the computers next to us think we're moggy.

po said...

Tamara: yay at least someone is laughing at the hilariousness of life :)