Friday, 23 October 2009

Weight of the world

This has been the weirdest week. Melancholic is the word. I have been plagued by the strangest sadness. I go through every day convinced that someone has died. I have actually scanned the online news looking for announcements of people dying. Disturbing.

This may be partly due to my current music obsession, their songs tend to be heartbreaking to the core. Or perhaps that wintry SAD syndrome thingy is kicking in early.

Maybe since my soul has been roaming it picked up grief from another time or place.

Whatever it may be, may this cobwebby sadness blow away, I have no use for misdirected grief.

I fokken well hope it is misdirected.


Damaria Senne said...

sorry you're not nearby or I'd make ugly faces at you. My ugly mug wouldn't make you smile? Ok. Let's try singing. I'm so bad at it your sad songs would probably start sounding more cheerful by comparison.

LadyFi said...

It's the season for mistiness and melancholy... Hope it passes soon!

Being Brazen said...

Feel better soon...season changes can make people a bit depressive...

I hope you have a fab, happy weekend! :)

Tamara said...

Sorry, Po. Hope it vapourises soon. Maybe a weekend (free from builder crack) will help?

Luke said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down. Whatever happens, DON'T listen to a Dido album...

Why not take the weekend off and do something crazy with friends...something that doens't involve drinking as that just tends to result in intensified sadness, and a lot of awkward photos... :)

Damn...I'm really rubbish at writing cheery-uppy stuff...

Anonymous said...

Maybe listen to happier music for a bit?

Helen said...

Well for what it's worth, my word verification is 'forkebud'

Come on, you TOTALLY smiled at that!

Happy music can actually make things worse, I would suggest listening to even sadder music, having a good cry and getting it all out.

And I blame the awful English weather, I'll try and send some sunlight you way (and not the green stuff either!)

po said...

Damaria: hehe wish I could hear you sing! Come on, I recorded a song on this blog and my voice sounds like startled bees

Ladyfi: maybe it was hormones, too, you never know with me!

BB: yeah the clocks went back today and I am sooo confused. I am hungry but the shops aren't open cos we are an hour behind! Arrrgh.

Tamara: I saw Eddie Izzard this weekend, he made me laugh!

Luke: ooh Dido has BAD affect on me, it is associated with some very painful things, to be avoided at ALL costs, I agree!

qcc: this is the obvious solution yes, but I am obsessed with Dear Reader at the moment. Maybe I can write to them and ask them to cheer up a bit?

Helen: hehehehe yip that worked! IT can be true that if you are sad listening to happy music can make you feel crap. I dunno. But I think in this case I should give it a try. Actually the weather has been so mild lately that I don't think I can use it as an excuse at all. It has been warm and sunny. Too weird!

EEbEE said...

Your perception of your own grief is quite common. People wallow in self pity hoping that by recognising it they will be able to fix it... (i'm not pointing fingers here... it is a generalisation)

utter tosh I say!

There is nothing to FIX!!!! There is no REAL difference between happy and sad apart from the kind of emotion you have decided to associate with the feeling. Spend too much time on either side of the scale and people will think you are crazy in any case. Embrace your grief as a positive character building experience in your life and proof that you are in fact human and not some telletubbyesque being living in a perpetual state of artificial bliss.

(read that two or three times and digest it properly. I've given you a key to inner peace. The door has more than one lock but it is a process and you can get there...)

Anonymous said...

I so get this mood. I get into that mood sometimes when I'm hungover- I'm overly emotional in that mood. Horrible.

Maybe, if you think it is the music, switch to listen to happy music for a little while. Flex your laughter muscles... or something.

po said...

Paula: actually I think (I hope) it was just a lingering rain cloud or summing cos I am still loving the sad music but I feel ok now. Will see how next week goes, If I am still looking for death round every corner, I am going to have to go back to the Killers!

6000 said...

I hate the 2 hour difference. Football matches kick off too late.
I can understand why Harris Tweed/Dear Reader are getting you down.
Why not listen to something upbeat or good instead?

po said...

6000: there is something better than Dear Reader?? Impossible.

Mwaha, so your football is out of sync. My heart bleeds. Um, what football, ahahahahaha.