Monday, 12 October 2009

I am loving

This song Great white bear by Dear Reader, and the awesome music video that goes with it:

You should check out their website too, it is beautiful.

Apparently this album was released in February. But I only heard of this band this weekend. For this I blame:

  • me, because I am a lowly cowpat and know nothing about new South African music
  • you South Africans who are not cowpats, for not telling me
  • me, because I am a nerd, which means I never know about new music and only hear it a year later.
Never fall in love with a spider, guys; "til death do us part" may come more quickly than you think.


Goblin said...

Um who?

Apparently I'm lamer than you when it comes to new music :/

Nice video though. May have to look into this.

Champagne Heathen said...

I'm with Goblin on this... who? I hadn't heard of them, but now, I am liking them! Send CD please :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. I know Dear Reader is the old Harris Twees- but I never liked them much to be honest so i didn't even give Dear Reader a proper listen.

Since you said they were cool; I'll give them a listen soon... I hope. Great White Bear according to my friend is a GRAND song so I'm starting right where you put us.

PS- But apparently spiders are GREAT lovers LOL. XD

Anonymous said...

Tweed sorry

po said...

Goblin: wha lamer than me? Not possible. MAybe they just aren't popular?

Champs: don't have the album yet, but do have the song and one other which I can send you!

Paula: ja apparently, but I never heard of Harris Tweed anyhoo. I don't know if you should be trusting my recommendation of cool, since I is a mega nerd :)

Prixie said...

er, who are they? even a saffa in sa is in the dark. hahaaaa! lameness all around the globe then!

po said...

PS champs if you go to their website you can listen to the whole album for free! And see if you life it. I thought the video to "Dearheart" is also pretty cool and funny.

Prixie: no way, and you are even from Gauteng. Maybe they are just not on the radar?

Tamara said...

Harris Tweed changed their name? I thoguht I recognised Cherilyn's voice.

That music video freaks me out a little.

po said...

Tamara: I know! It is eery or spooky or something a little unsettling. But I think it is really good and haunting. I like.For when I am feeling sad or urgent or stuff like that.

6000 said...

Yes, yes - it's Harris Tweed.
And I would have told you about it, but the lead singer has got such an annoying voice, I thought I'd spare you.

po said...

6000: apparently the real Scottish Harris Tweed "asked" them to change their name. Haha. I love her voice.

Helen said...

Harris Tweed changed their name? I was wondering why I hadn't seen anything from them in a while!

po said...

Helen: Am gonna have to check out their tweedy stuff now, before the Scots got all sensitive!

Tamara said...

I interviewed them once. They were nice. And they had permission from the Scottish Harris Tweed, so I wonder what changed? Mebbe they did something naughty?

po said...

Tamara: you interviewed them?! How cool! You have a cool job :)

I wonder what happened?