Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Little little daisy, you drive me crazy

I did the speaking on the radio thing last week. The less said about the actual speaking the better. Eugh. I don't think I will be able to bring myself to listen to the finished product as the sound of my voice usually makes me want to vomit.

I really enjoyed hunting down South African music for the guy to play though. You guys gave me so many excellent suggestions that I just didn't have enough space on a CD for all of them, so I am thinking of writing down names for him. He was very excited about the stuff that was not in English. Anything in some kind of an African language sent him nuts.

The only stuff he had pertaining to "Africa" before he met me was a version of " Qongqothwane" sung by Helmut Lotti, some Belgian dude. Dude! That situation had to be rectified asap.

I don't normally listen to Vusi Mahlasela or Miriam Makeba or Johannes Kerkorrel on my iPod, but since I hunted them down for him, I have been playing them and even though much of this music is not my thing I am amazed by the quality of it all.

South Africa is oozing with music brilliance, bloody hell. There is so much variety and amazing talent and good quality music to choose from I could easily have filled up 15 CDs.

One thing I think is that the good music does not try to please an international audience. Good South African music aims to please South Africans and will please the rest by proxy. But when bands start assuming fake American accents and changing their names to suit American audiences and altering their sound accordingly, they sound incredibly bland and characterless, they lose their soul, and then no one in the world wants to listen.

South African music rocks, and I am really happy to able to share some of it with people over here. I don't think it is possible to always be "proudly South African", but our music is definitely something to be proud of.


Goblin said...

"But when bands start assuming fake American accents and changing their names to suit American audiences and altering their sound accordingly, they sound incredibly bland and characterless"

That's a damn good point. And they screw themselves in the process because there's only so many generic wannabes a person can handle ;)

Ches said...

Please tell me you had some Johnny on there?

Anonymous said...

I agree, even I have to admit that South Africa has a lot of talent as far as music goes, even if I can't stand some of the bands or musicians. Karen Zoid? Ew.

But yeah, this was a great post. :)

LadyFi said...

I agree - South African music is vibrant and wonderful!

EEbEE said...

Louis & Vusi = best partnership in the history of music.

nothing says more about these guys than the fact that they can calmly pluck away at acoustic guitars while telling stories to such great effect. So deep, emotive and satisfying.

(will forward you the "live at the bassline" album if you wish)

Kirsty said...

I LOVE south african music - you're right, it's just bursting at the seams with life and vivacity. I went to see Vusi when he played in Scotland a year or so ago and met him after the show - a great man. His latest album is gorgeous. Have you heard Sibongile Khumalo? Saw her at Grahamstown festival last year - also wonderful.

The greatest thing about so much of our music is that it's historical too - it stands for something.

po said...

Goblin: totally agreed, I always feel so sad when I hear a Saffa singing with an over the top American drawl.

Ches: three Johhnys. I gave him 3 of their songs. Of course!

sleepyjane: loads of the music is not stuff I would listen to normally, but the quality stands out!

Tamara said...

Well done, you. Educating the Brits and speaking on the radio... very impressive.

I hope you did not give them Parlotones.

Damaria Senne said...

You're right. SA is bursting with talent. Glad you could share some of it over there.

po said...

Ladyfi: yay, glad to have an international fan!

EEbEE: that sounds good! Is that album on iTunes or am I pushing my luck?

Kirsty: you met Vusi! Wow, that is special.

Tamara: hahahahaha I did! Why, is that a faux pas? It's not my fault, I'm a cowpat! I doubt he will use the Parlotones cos it is English and too rocky for him, he was into Freshlyground.

Damaria: me too! I was so happy to talk with him about the music, the other talking bit was not so much fun, but it was funny when I was helping him with the pronounciations of song titles, cos he was so impressed with my clicks, but I have a feeling they were way off! Well, what he doesn't know doesn't hurt him.

Champagne Heathen said...

How did I miss the post about SA music requests... I have some beauties of suggestions. In fact, I am listening to Brenda Fassie as I type this.

Or Simpiwe Dana

Or even Kobus Kombuis...for things like Lente In Die Boeland. (Maybe you needed to experience a few Lentes in Die Boeland to love it as much? I can never figure out). Or even "Dis lekker om dronk te wees".

Obviously Malaika & Mafikizolo. 340ml (tho they might be Mozambican?). Freshly Ground for fun.

I've met some Canadian guy who does his nut for SA music...after spending a few months there years ago. He still has the music just a reach away to play for me as soon as he sees me! And as for how insane the Frenchies go for Johnny Clegg...

Take up EeBee's CD offer!! And then post it forward to me!

angel said...

I agree wholeheartedly!

po said...

Ah Champs Brenda Fassie! I did not have her on my list. I shall have to give her name to the guy. I have never heard of Simpiwe. My knowledge is sorely lacking. I need to investigate on iTunes.

Angel: who is your favourite?

Champagne Heathen said...

"Kobus Kombuis"???? Wtf. I meant "Koos". Luckily I am on a different continent right now otherwise I fear I'd be dragged into the streets & kicked about for that mistake!

Def. get your hands on Simpiwe Dana. I think she's even won quite a few SAMAs in her time. BEAUTIFUL voice.

Tamara said...

The Parlotones don't make bad music. It's just boring, whiney music that all sounds the same. Very popular in Ireland I believe.

sarah said...

omg my gran once made me go to a helmut lotti concert with her. it was awfuuuuul.

please make a playlist, po! i am out of the loop re SA music

Anonymous said...

South African music does definately rock. There's a band whos name I cannot for the life of me recall that mixes African languages and English REALLY well, to top it off they play all kinds of genre.

Darnit. Can't recall. DARNIT!


angel said...

I love lots! Wonderboom, Boo, Nude Girls, Beeskraal, Koos Kombuis...

Anonymous said...

Hey guy!
I badly need this "little little daisy.." song!
My boyfriend and I always heard it on our trip in Africa..and I need it to create a video... Your page was the only thing I found about that, I even don't know the name of the band...

hope you'll help me! would be such a great suprise

greetings from Hamburg,germany

Jasmin said...


We heard this "little little daisy, you drive me crazy" song while our whole trip in south africa. But I don't even know the singer's name. Your website was the only thing I really found about that stuff..

I badly need this song for a would be such a great suprise.
Hope you'll help me

Jasmin from Hamburg/Germany

po said...

Hi Jasmin! I can't find the comment you posted with your email,so if you check again could you post your email here?

The song is called Little, by the Sprinbok Nude Girls, a South African band. They were hugely popular in the 90s and still are today. If you give me your email I can mail you the song, otherwise you will find it on iTunes. Hope you get this :)

You should listen to some of their other songs like Bubblegum on my boots and I love you, and blue eyes. They rule!

po said...

Oh wait, haha I saw your anonymous comment. Will mail you.