Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Soul searching

Someone once told me that in some country somewhere (Japan?) there is some kind of belief that your soul travels while you sleep and if you sleep too long then it returns but leaves again and you can wake up before it gets to return. If you have ever woken up suddenly after oversleeping I think you can understand this theory. I walked around yesterday like my mind was a kite blown far far away.

These last few days have been a crazy mess. On Friday I ended up on a train going North instead of South (don't ask) and was preeeeetty late for work as a result.

On Saturday my driving lesson reduced me to a puddle of jelly for the rest of the weekend. I cannot describe how much I hate driving. Broccoli is looking appealing in comparison. Anyhoo I basically slept the whole weekend.

On Monday my alarm did not go off, hence my poor soul being unable to make it back. I managed to put my trousers on back to front but considering I had 5 minutes in which to get ready and leave the house, this was slightly less idiotic than normal.

So if you're ready soul, please come back. I am running around like a loop that lost its fruit down here without you.

If it wasn't for my discovery of this Dear Reader/ Harris Tweed awesomeness, I don't think I would have survived. Here is another one of their whacky songs. Why did I not find these guys before? I have been looking for a new favourite band for months. I played the Killers to death for now. I have killed the Killers. Is that Humanly possible? Is that Dancerly possible?

Interesting metaphysical question.

Not every taxi drives in the yellow. Yeah, some of them use the pavement instead.


Anonymous said...

woah. sounds hectic. But I totally get that feeling. Well, if we were to use the Japanese(?) theory as a working model I would recommend doing something with high energy.

Because the sleeping route didnt work maybe you need to be super woken up like a HUGE adrenaline rush so that your soul ends up being fast-forwarded back to you because its attracted by the pure energy of your force?

It sounds weird but in my head it works.

Ches said...

Po...I honestly believe you can't kill the killers...then they would be the diers! (is that a word?)

Tamara said...

"I walked around yesterday like my mind was a kite blown far far away."

Beautiful line, Po.

When I hear that song by the Killers I still hear "hamster" instead of "dancer" because of you. You have made a lasting impact, Po, and ensured that anyone in my vicinity when that song plays is convinced of my insanity.

po said...

Paula: I definitely need some kind of adrenaline rush cos I feel like a sleepy sloth.

Ches: haha I believe the same myself!

Tamara: heehee that was my exact plan! To infiltrate your minds and correct the words to that song as they should be. Sweeeeet.

Hamsters unite!

LadyFi said...

I've had one of those terrible and weird weeks too..

I think I know what your problem with driving lessons is though - the fact that you were asleep?! ;-)

nemesis said...

i think the Japanese are onto something there Po :)

po said...

Ladyfi: you may very well be right. The beeeg problem is, I have a lesson tonight and I feel like my soul has left the building, or hit me over the head with a brick, I think it should be illegal for people to drive when they feel like this!

Neoscribe: yip! Whoever it is I think they are right, our souls go walkies in the night.

P.S. Ches: maybe they should be called the Killed instead? Or make it The Killd, more trendy.

Prixie said...

aww po, has your soul returned? i hope after tonight it does.

i have also heard/read that souls communicate when people are sleeping. and apparently that is also how we dream of people we dont know. how strange is that!

and as for the driving, i have started working again yesterday and so i have to drive to work. its slowly making me more confident. i read once on my igoogle in the quote section: there are no bad drivers, only inexperience ones.

po said...

Prixie: cool you got a job! Can I ask what you do? I have heard Joburg driving is a nightmare, I hope it is ok for you. I still feel a bit soulless (but I'm not a soldier :) )
I hope it comes home soon!

Helen said...

I'm the opposie, without at least one nap a day I lose all kind of ability to think...

I'm with Tamara on the hamster/dancer thing... uite exciting if I get back in time to go and see the Kilers live, I'll be the one in the crowd singing the 'wrong' words. And i will thin of you!

sarah said...

japan [??] ... i dunno! i will find out! although asking that in japanese may very well require some studying on my part
what the heck is subconscious in japanese? i dont even know if i can say it in afrikaans!!

Luke said...

Oh my gosh! You didn't know about Harris Tweed?! ;)

They are quite cool! I liked the earlier stuff more than their later ones, but all the same, I am not going to start an anti-Harris group on Facebook or anything, if you know what I mean.

As for the state of your life...I'm like that all the time! You get used to it. It's not fun, but you do.

angel said...

Those are the days I wish I could stay at home...

po said...

Helen: ah but a nap is different. It is not deep so your soul doesn't leave during a nap. As far as I can tell.I never get the empty feeling after a nap. Actually I am unable to nap! interesting!

I really hope you make it back for the Killers, I looooved their show they really gave it their all.

Sarah: I could have been making that up, or maybe it is a fable, man I can't remember, will try to google it

Luke: noooooooo I had never heard of Harris Tweed because I am a lowly cowpat who lives far away and until last year when I discovered the world of blogging did not keep up to date with anything. I think my life was poorer without them :(

Angel: if only that were an option! Instead I attempt to stay alive in my driving lesson and not set fire to anyone at work.