Wednesday, 15 July 2009

POst me a POlony POny

Fame, boys and girls, fame and glory in the form of a London cab (only it was in Oxford):

Unfortunately the above-mentioned fame and glory is on the cab's ass, but we all have to start somewhere.

Maybe some day I will make the passenger door.

So, Po stands for Polonium, only one of the nastiest most radiotactive elements around, used for poisoning Russians and being generally volatile and terrifying.

It is also the name of a cuddly, lazy kung fu panda, who does know how to kick butt, or at least how to sit on top of butt.

Kind of a contradictory combination, but add to that mix a dazed and confused seamonkey who does not know her head from her shrimpy tail, and it kind of makes sense.

You try being a cuddly and loveable deadly toxic radioactive element. Melting people's hearts takes on a whole new meaning.


LadyFi said...


You've summed up the essence of human nature!

Helen said...

I was wondering where you got your name from, and hoping it hd nothing to do with the Tellytubbies!

Thanks for clearing that up!

Tamara said...

You crack me up, you cuddly, loveable, deadly, toxic radioactive element.

Glad PO is not Paper and Origami. Or Postal Order. Or Parole Officer. Or Purchase Order. Or Patently Odd... although...

Hehehe. Thanks for the laugh, Propylene Oxide.

Ches said...

POrtable POoh POp

Goblin said...

May I get a mention in the thanks speech at the awards ceremony?

Rox said...

Hehehe, I love it!

po said...

Hello nice people, I just want to say thank you for all of the advice about the eye, I finally went to the doctor yesterday and felt so stupid for not going earlier! He said my cornea is not scratched according to him, so thank goodness. But my eyes do feel really strained, as if the one is compensating for the other, and maybe the other one has a scratch on the ball, I dunno.

Lsdyfi: really? It's all about dualisms isn't it? Although I think dualisms are too reductive, to me everything is in shades of grey!

Helen: noooo, not the teletubbies, we shall not mention them. Actually I stole the name from someone. Some person listed it as a nickname and I thought is was a good blog identity.

Tamara: propylene oxide! Shoowee you can always tell the bloggers who studied journalism, by their awesome knowledge of words. What about pongy odour? :)

Ches: indeed. And what exactly is that??

Goblin: hehe would that be the "element of the year" awards speech, or the "most outrageious method of killing someone" awards speech? But oc course you shall be mentioned.

Rox: ah me too, and the best thing is I see these taxis every day and get reminded of my, er radiating talent.

6000 said...

Bless. And when you took this photo, you were right outside the pub where Mrs 6k and I set eyes on each other for the first time, way back in early 1999.

I didn't see the taxi there that evening, incidentally.

po said...

6000: ahoy, you are back! Gosh, I don't know what pub you mean, will check on the walk home tonight. You may get the impression I don't pay much attention to my surroundings when I am going home and you would be right!