Monday, 30 November 2009

The heat of love

I think I am the luckiest girl alive.

I wake up at about 6.30 am every morning to get ready for work, and I wake the BFG up at about 7.15 because he takes about 5 minutes to get ready. In my opinion this a twisted state of affairs because the morning is a toothsome beast to me, and I would rather stay in bed than slay monsters at that time of day. BFG is able to spring up in the mornings without any trauma or drama, yet he is the one who gets to sleep in.

Anyway, a few days ago my alarm was whining and I was ignoring it and staying in the warm cocoon (we have no proper heating in our flat) and all of a sudden the BFG jumped out of bed, ran over to my side of the bed, switched on our heater so I could be warm when I got up, and ran back into bed.

Now that is true love! Seriously, where did I find this awesome guy? I wouldn't jump out of bed mostly naked in winter at 6.30am for anyone.

On that loving note, I thought I would share with you a poem about men. It is by Carol Ann Duffy, who wrote a whole collection of poems through the eyes of the wives of famous historical figures. This poem never fails to make me snort. Can anyone identify?

Mrs Icarus

I’m not the first or the last
to stand on a hillock,
watching the man she married
prove to the world

he’s a total, utter, absolute Grade A pillock.


Anonymous said...

I wake up at 5:10am, you are lucky!

Ches said...

Yes! ;)

I drop cupcakes off at my GF's office when she has a hectic day.

But as for heaters, it's 25'C at night here Po. :)

Tara said...

+2 points for the BFG

Yes, it is out of complete affection that I can say he can be a pillock. ;)

Tamara said...

Awww... that's awesome of the BFG.

6000 said...

He's just making the room a bit warmer for him later.
+1 brownie points for forward thinking.
+100 brownie points for making you think it's for you.

BFG is the awesome.

Louisa said...

Sure sounds like true love to me! ;-)

Helen said...

I think that poem is the best thing i've read all day :)

Paige said...

love that poem!

Gillian said...

Love that word pillock. It comes in a very close second to my favourite - plonker!

po said...

Anon: nought bru, why????

Ches: Wow, I take cupcakes over the heater, but it will never happen because we work in different counties. But occasionally he does save me a cookie from his work.

Tara: he hasn't tried flying with feathers and wax, has he? The bfg has not but he has dived off bridges over the N2 in CT attached to his climbing rope. Yup, pillock :)

Tamara: he got such huge brownie points that day that they are still in operation now.

6000: aha but you are mistaken. the best method, his usual method, is for me to get up as usual and switch the heater on, therebye warming him up... but maybe he was worried i would not get up at all that day, and he may have been right.

Louisa: ah it warms my heart, and the rest of me too!

Helen and Paige: i love it, am asking for the whole book for christmas.

Gillian: i think i like plonker even moer than pillock too, but it is a close call.

Dora said...

1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person getting up at 6.30am.

2. If I show this post to Nasty and *hint* *hint* about how nice BFG is...I will definitely get a snort.

3. Now, I really have to ask, does BFG stand for anything? The only thing I can come up with is "Big Fat Guy". Hahahah....

po said...

Dora: haha I don't think I should say that to the BFG, he is quite sensitive about his weight. Well, his name begins with a G, and I was think along the lines of the BFG (big friendly giant) from Roald Dahl. My bfg is quite small but he has massive forearms like popeye, so the big kind of fits. Also it can stand for boyfriend G. Cunning, hey?

Anonymous said...

first I'll admit I had to look "pillock" up in the dictionary.

So cool; I hope I get a man who doesn't mind building forts in the attic of our home. I'd like that. But they'd have to change every time I feel like it- which would be, I suppose, the part where he loves me.

So funny I remember Carol Ann Duffy from school but eff I never realised her wit before. I'm going to look her up :)

SA Expats said...

Lol! Yes, he must love you very much.

EEbEE said...


Are all girls suckers for kindness?

I must remeber this :)

Didn't think it would be so easy to impress you lot. I guess they weren't lieing when they said "it's the little things that really count"

Tamara said...

There be an award for a certian seamonkey over at me blog. Yarrrr...


Pirate moment.

Gone now.

LadyFi said...

Aw - that's sweet of the BF!

Love that poem - could apply to so many women... wonder if it is Icarus' wife!

Anonymous said...

Re the 5:10am - Coz dude I start work at 7am and like to have coffee in bed while watching something on TV for about 20 minutes to prepare myself :P But yeah, I am ready to leave for work when you're just getting out of bed, ahhhh :P

Now he's a keeper if he does that most days, not just one day, then it just makes it a sweet occurence :) Do you sleep with the heater on low or not at all????? When I'm in europe during winter I like to sleep with it on a lowish setting and as soon as I wake up turn it up full for when I come back from the shower, and the bathroom one is always on max, all day and all night.

Can you believe I have the heater on in my office right now, and I'm in Durban, hello?!?! lol it's annoying.

boldly benny said...

Ah, I loved this - that's so cute. He's a gem!