Thursday, 3 December 2009

Passage to freedom.

We have a corridor! At work we have our corridor back. We have been corridor-less since, what, August? Tis a rare species in these parts, the passagus corridorus. It was highjacked by dudes with hard hats and butt cracks for a long long time, but they surrendered it back to us in the end.

You have no idea what this means to me. I no longer have to go downstairs under the building or upstairs and over just to get to the other side of the building. We have access to a lift. We can use trolleys to move things instead of carrying things in a million shifts up and down stairs.

I was walking downstairs after coffee to go the tunnel route when someone said "but Po, you can just walk across now. You don't need to go via the basement any more". The awesomeness. The shiny new-paved corridor glistening before me, the road less travelled.

We still lack many things that a normal lab takes for granted, ie. pure water, an autoclave, a cold room, and the builders are still around leaving a trail of turps everywhere. But the drilling has abated somewhat which is a flippin' relief.

The little known pleasures of walking the corridor. You should try it some time.


Ches said...

Bless the corridor.

I want one for Christmas!!!!

Tamara said...

Sounds like the next big tourist attraction ;-)

LadyFi said...

Thank goodness for builders with butt cracks and long shiny corridors!

po said...

Ches: what an awesome prezzie that would be, I hope Santa can fit a corridor into his sack!

Tamara: it's like the yellow brick road, only its the wooden floored corridor... soooo shiny!

Ladyfi: hehe I have to admit I will miss the builders. They are a nice bunch. But their drills, their dust, their flooding and their turps can go!

Gillian said...

Hallelujah for Hallways!

We gotta celebrate the small things in life.

Damaria Senne said...

God bless corridors, that old invention that always looks and feels new if you've been without it for a long time. Like a dishwasher, one appreciates it only after one has had to be without it.

Helen said...

Yay for a shiny butt-crack-less corridor! Next up: water!

Enjoy it! Have you been inventing excuses to walk across it all ay yet?

po said...

Gillian: indeed, I feel the bits inbetween passages and door ways are also underappreciated. Ours has been occupied by the builders for some months, and it requires creative squeezing to get out of the door!

Damaria: aaaaaah a dishwasher! I dream of one of those! Currently I get around that by ignoring the dishes :)

Helen: now we can't rush things, water may be pushing it. Shame it is not funny though, the poor technician had to carry all the washing up in boxes upstairs, and now their pure water is broken too. She has to hand rinse everything in pure water fetched from somewhere else. Not cool.

Luke said...

How you survived without a corridor...I just don't know...

On the plus side, it's all exciting and shiney! :D

po said...

Luke: a corridorless building is a pain in the butt I must say!