Monday, 21 December 2009

Two thousand and fine

Two thousand and nine was fine. It was not earth shatteringly amazing but considering 2008 was so bloody awful for me, anything was an improvement.

I did have intentions of turning over a new leaf and cultivating a whole new attitude after realising in 2008 that most of my misery was caused by my approach to life, but, erm, I got sucked into my job and routine and changed nothing really, just plodded along from day to day, letting work lead the way.

So here is Po the seamonkey's year 2009 in stream of consciousness summary:

New job, new job fears, lots of commuting, spending lots of time by the train toilets inhaling the refreshing aroma of pee, gave some plants some hairdos, waged a war on flies,

retreated into my shell and forgot how to come out,

joined Twitter, Twitter brought out a narcissistic, self-important monster in me, nearly got swallowed up by Twitter, quit Twitter,

had a month of PCR issues at work where I felt scared and alone and was on my knees in front of the Biology Goddess,

travelled to Vietnam and Thailand, travelled to Spain, went to the Edinburgh Festival,

saw the Killers and was blown away,

wrote some weird shit on this blog about dassies and hamsters and samp, you know, the usual,

found out some stuff about my life, or rather other people in my life, that explained years and years of confusion and pain, and while understanding doesn't help them or lessen the pain, it does help me to reframe what happened and is happening in a way that finally makes some sense, was thrown into a state of nervous tension as a result of all these revelations, survived the nervous tension,

hung out with lots of Chinese people and got excited to go and visit my sister there,

had a confusing relationship moment that shall not be blogged about,

started learning to drive and am still suffering this torture weekly,

realised I have no friends any more in this country and yet this does not make me as sad as it should as I am a loner anyway, have made some aquaintances and that will have to do,

realised I am essentially a cranky bitch at heart, but that I try my best to keep her to myself,

was exposed to Lady Gaga a little more than is healthy and scarily started enjoying one of her songs,

ate, drank, climbed, swam, slept a LOT, cried? possibly not, oh yes, wait, cried, laughed,

read The Road (best book I read) watched I am a cyborg and I'm ok (best movie I watched), overdosed on Florence and the Machine and Dear Reader (best bands I found),

did not achieve anything remarkable, did not do anything worthy or admirable, remained as dazed and confused as ever, oh well, there is
always next


Anonymous said...

I feel the same about this year- nothing etraordinary- but I like that I enjoyed the year. Oh and school happened. Its all been a pile up really...

EEbEE said...

You have no friends left in the UK you say.

Awesome. You can focus your efforts on finding yourself (not many people know who they are... it's scary!).

btw lady gaga... shame on you!


po said...

Paula: if you enjoyed the year that is cool. Seriously, university are the best eyars of most people's lives, mine included, so have a blast while you can!

EEbEE: I know! p-p-p-p-pokerface... the lyrics to that song are pretty gross.

Hmmm,so you are saying i should befriend myself, that is probably the best advice i have had all year, maybe that should be the project for 2010!

LadyFi said...

I think that just getting through some of your ordinary moments, getting closure and insight is what makes those moments extraordinary!

Oh, and I agree with you about The Road!

Luke said...

Oh really is a good thing that this year has come to an end when you were actually starting to ENJOY Lady Gaga...

As for PCR, I have a feeling it was designed to make people kill themselves with frustration.

All the best for the Christmas period and the new year!!! :D