Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mini panic.

I have stuff I want to blog about. Fascinating stuff. To me. This means fairly sleep-inducing stuff to yous out there. But I think my flurry of blogging activity last week left me deflated like a whoopee cushion. Excuse my excessive use of dodgy metaphors, the poetry classes are playing havoc with my mind.

I am currently a ball, a puddle, a tower of self-pity and misery. For no good reason, except that it is my turn to present a talk at work again, and I never seem to have enough time to get it all done. And I am not good at winters. Arrrrgh. I feel like I felt at the end of last winter. Not a good sign.

But after Thursday I will be back with all that fascinating stuff I have to say.

Until then, sheesh, I dunno what you will do with yourselves. How will you survive without a post of awesomeness??? Don't panic and run for the hills. That's where the monsters are usually waiting, so remember your horror story education and sit tight. Just keep the light on.

Gonna go and do that manic typing of DNA letters now.


Gillian said...

Missing your Awesomeness

Tamara said...

I thought the monsters were under the bed?

But I'll stay away from the hills, just in case.

All the best with the talk and the mad DNA. Typing. (mad DNA sounds more inetersting, dontcha think?)

Ches said...

Damn, Poski...I hope you feel better soon. Life's too short to be miff (last thing you want to hear I'm sure)

Damaria Senne said...

I'm sticking with the heroine ( that's you). The Black chick almost always gets it first. (lesson 1, horror movie 101).
So waiting with baited breath for a post of aweomeness:-)

Prixie said...

i feel i am fading already....


Helen said...

The hills are definitely safer than under the bed. Ad if you hear a noise and decide to investigate, for crying out loud turn the lights on AND take a torch!

Missing the awesomeness!

LadyFi said...

Why not give some of your awesomeness to those DNA letters?

po said...

Gillian: so am I! Where is my awesomeness?? I think it ran for the hills.

Tamara: it depends on the movie you are in, but yeah, best you lock the bedroom too.

I'm pretty sure my DNA is loopy - bwahaha frik that is so corny ;)

Ches: thanks! ACtually that is just what I want to hear, so I can remind myself.

Damaria: really?! I havent noticed that but I don't actually watch horror movies, ever, so I made it all up. Now that I think about it, I don't recall many black girls being the last ones standing.

I can't envision myself as a heroine though, I feel I may be an extra who gets picked off fairly early on.

Prixie: nooooo, look in a mirror quick!

Helen: still dubious about those hills, especially our hills with kudu and other lurking animals, and poachers, and women with leafblowers. But yes, for pete's sake, when there is a noise that sounds like certain death, leave it to itself!

Ladyfi: I prefer to reserve my awesomeness for the fellow awesome bloggers out there. DNA doesn't need any awesomeness, it is pretty awesome on its own.

po said...

whoops Helen: I meant YOUR hills, not ours.

Champagne Heathen said...

Good luck for the talk!

Some SA/Londoner said she is giving up on playing tough anymore with the London winter & is going to buy a "happiness light". Buy one of those! Or a ticket to the Med for occasional sun!

po said...

Champagne: touche on the med thing, I keep getting my visas refused, but perhaps I can make it to "La Med" in Cape Town, I am going at the end of Dec, and hope to get a huuuge dose of vitamin D!

The lamp may be a good idea though, it is not cool feeling like someone has died all the time, mixed with "bitch from hell".

Rox said...

Hope things went off ok and you are able to relax now!

And if you really want something to make you smile in this godforsaken week, then do a you-tube search for 'sydney the pet otter' - 5 minutes of otterly adorable (sorry, couldn't resist) baby otter going crazy playing in a flat. Strangely relaxing!