Friday, 13 November 2009

Blame it on the bunny.

I'm gonna go all Cosmo on you and write a list of what is "hot" and what is "not" in my life right now. Except I am going to "like" it and "lame" it because that is more my style.

Like: my pretty little town. I like it more and more. It is different to other towns. All other towns in England look the same. Mine has the best flower pots, the best park, the best parade. The best Christmas lights, the best Diwali lights, the best atrocious sculpture of yarn. We win!

Lame: the Windows 7 advertising campaign. The posters. The videos. They all make me want to spew. "I'm a pc and Windows 7 was my idea." Or not. Windows 7 is your desperate attempt to make up for the dismality* of Vista and that is that.

Like: my climbing gym. I love it more than jelly tots. It is the best climbing gym ever. It is beautiful. It is the main reason we still live where we do, apart from the pretty town. I could have moved closer to my work, but I just cannot part with the climbing gym. I don't know what I will do if we leave this country. I hope I can find a knapsack big enough.

Lame: my driving lessons. My teacher is great, but lets be honest, some people were not made to wield heavy machinery. I feel like bawling my eyes out after most lessons. But I don't. I collapse into the foetal position and rock catatonically instead.

like: My poetry teacher. My poetry classes. They make me feel so happy. We have to write a poem a week for 10 weeks, and I thought it would be impossible, but so far I have been inspired each week. My teacher is so nice. Can he fit in the knapsack too?

lame: my back. I know I go on about it all the time. But it just won't heal. I feel old before my time.

like: my new winter coat. Ok, when I have to run for the train I end up hastening our demise from global warming, and I pity the person who has to sit next to me, because I end up steaming, but it keeps me sooo warm that I can almost pretend winter is not here at all.

lame: hormones. Evil minions of Beezlebub.

Thasall folks, what it lame or likeable in your life?

* Warning: made up word alert!!!!


Tamara said...

like: your list; the sunshine in Joburg today; that it's Friday; the fact that a source for as story I'm working on (who is about to retire) is willing to say some stuff on the record that normally gets hushed up.

lame: being at work when there's nothing to do; that there's yet another damn rugby match on tonight (is there ever an off season for this sport?); my word verification (offeryol); clients.

Gillian said...

My mum is 67 and she is taking driving lessons. You're not the only one who's leg shakes uncontrollably everytime she pushes in the clutch. She also is emotionally knackered after each lesson.

If she can do it, so can you.

6000 said...

1. I used to shake after my first few driving lessons. Now it's those in the car and on the roads around me that feel that way.

2. Windows 7 is awesome. Even if Vista was uttershite.

3. How do you make a hormone?
Ag - never mind...

Luke said...

The lights in Britain are amazing! I remember going to visit my future-brother-in-law in Bristol one Christmas and the lights were SO cool! We don't really do that in South Africa...sad times...

Damaria Senne said...

Like - your list. that's Friday afternoon, and I'm unlikely to receive urgent client requests this late. so I'm calm, relaxed.
lame - Going to buy Baby a cellphone this afternoon. I don't like spending money.

po said...

Tamara: do I still demand word verifications from people? Gosh I forgot. But at least I know you are real then. Your story sounds intriguing!

Gillian: that is impressive! I know I can do it. But the process is hell!

6000: I have no objection to Windows 7. Have not even seen it yet. But whoever dreamt up the advertising campaign was on glue. It is like watching 50's housewives discussing the joys of Omo.

Luke: and my town has the best of them all. In my humble opinion anway :)

Damaria: happy Friday, happy shopping. Shopping for a phone is not much fun if it's not for you :)

Helen said...

I want a climbing gym! I was plotting to try and sneak a decent tree home with me, but I like the idea of a climbing gym better.

I used to be a total wreck after driving lessons. I found that lying in bed at night and visualising driving (ok so you approach a red light, check, check, brake, gear down, break, stop, neutral, handbrake up...) really helped. Although the nightmares sucked the firt few times I tried it!

OH and:
Like: the doctors in Nelspruit are LEGENDS, the painkillers they give out are awesome, I'm going home in two weeks

lame: The painnkillers just wore off an I have work to do this evening, I'm going home in two weeks

LadyFi said...

Oh the agonies of driving lessons! Still, I managed to pass my driving test first time even though a bus crashed into me! (Yes - true story.. better write that story soon then, to cheer everyone up!)

po said...

Helen: is there not a climbing gym in Joburg? Ok I know this doesn't help you now, but when you get back? The place called Kya SAnds or something like that, is it not open any more? What about the one in Pretoria? Hmmm, not much help when I don't know the names.

Speaking of climbing, have you ever been to Watervalboven? Is it near you? I went there only once, would LOVE to go back.

So many questions. And another one: why the pain killers? What happened? Did I miss something?

Ladyfi: first time! I always feel suspicious of people who pass first time, how can it be possible?! Driving is impossible I tell you. My sister passed first time. How can we be related?

po said...

P.S. Helen all that stuff you said about stopping at lights is Greek to me! What checks, why neutral, I usually go into first, ahaaaaaaaah I can't cope with all that stuff! /My head will explode.

po said...

PPS: 6000: well you see, hormones are produced via complicated biosynthetic processes in your body... unfortunately my body makes them do ugly things to me. They are my enemy.

MidniteGem said...

firstly - your poetry was awesome...i know you disabled the comments but seriously i loved it and I hope you used it for your class.

Then I so know what you mean about your climbing gym!! I mean I moved closer to mine so that it was walkign distance (too bad the freaking joint started to cause issues)

lastly - you really dont go on about your back much - i mean seriously I know what it is like living with pain like that and where else are you going to mention it?!? I find that I'm always just trying to get through the day that I dont mention it to the people around me and then just feel even more frustrated not mentioning it!

ok now really lastly - the driving WILL get better we all struggled through it and crawled into feotal positions afterwards. I landed up standing in the middle of the street crying screaming at my then bf to drive me home now or i'll just walk home!

Anonymous said...

Like: The HOLIDAYS are coming up!
Lame: Two eams befre that. sigh.

Love the list. My word verification is locko... just cuz she dances loco... LOL

Anonymous said...

Like: Going to a movie tonight (not sure which one yet!)

Lame: Insurance admin

po said...

midnite gem: thank you. I appreciate it! I won't use it for my class though, I am too embarrassed. What will all the English people think?

As to the climbing gym, yeah I would rather travel an hour to work each way than move away from the walls of awesomeness.

And as to the back, that is so true! I ache so so much at work, and don't know what to do, I stretch occasionally but it does nothing. I do complain about it to BFG of course, but I see him as an extension of me, so the complaints don't really feel real :)

I feel like crying or screaming most times after my lessons. But my teacher is so calm and matter of fact that I contain myself. I am glad she is!

PAula: good luck for the exams, what are you doing over the holiday, lucky fish?

qcc: what did you see? I saw men who stare at goats, for sheer lighthearted meaningless fun I enjoyed it!

Prixie said...

lame: south african heat! urghhhh!

Helen said...

Yes, I know Kya sands or whatever it's called. And I drive through Watervalbowen to get home, but Ive never stopped. i will plan soon, I'm very keen on starting real climbing when I get home (now that my arm muscles have all atrophied again!)

Doctors... long story, but almost all sorted now! I have a follow-up next week and then I should be cleared to go home.