Tuesday, 22 September 2009

There's something about Virgos


There really is.

I have always been somewhat dubious about the whole Zodiac determining personality thingy. Supposedly the position of the sun in relation to the earth as you are squeezed from your mother's loins defines whether you are outgoing or prefer your own company.... You can see why people have trouble with this concept, right?

I don't really have a clue what being a "Leo" means except that I am supposed to be outgoing and attention-seeking, and stubborn. Check to the stubborn. Outgoing - maybe not. Attention seeking is a difficult one because although I am really shy I think deep down I crave attention, but when I get it I don't know what to do with it and it embarrasses me so I run away from it.

A confused Leo is what I am. It's all a bit blah blah to me.

I have no ability to recognise people by their personalities. Scorpios and Aquariuses and Cancers - I have no idea who is who in the zoo.

Except for you Virgos. I have noticed that there are quite a few of you out there in blogland. In fact I seem to read more Virgo blogs than any other type.

You Virgos are all instantly recognisable to me. It is uncanny. You are all individuals of course, but something about you is exactly the same. Even if I have met you only through your writing, you are just unmistakeably Virgoese.

You Virgos are all very intense. Shoowee but you are intense. And I think I give the impression of being intense to people. As a result I seem to attract Virgos in droves, possibly seeking out someone who they think will get them.

The thing is, I am intense, but I am intense for a fuzzy cuddly kitty cat. I just cannot match up to the intensity of a Virgo.

Also, Virgos take things (including themselves) seriously, and my ragging and poking lightheartedness is often taken the wrong way. And as a result there is a certain pattern to my relationships with Virgos.

All of them have been difficult. It is tempting for me to say it is because Virgos are difficult, but it could be that the common denominator here is actually me (couldn't be!) so it is better if I say the relationship as a whole is difficult. By difficult I mean hard work.

Some of my most intense, rewarding and best friendships have been with Virgos, but boy were they hard work. And worth it.

There are many other Virgos with whom I have non-starter relationships. We know each other, we like each other, but we just struggle and struggle to connect. It is like we just keep trying to touch hands and missing. It is weird. We tend to get frustrated with each other and so I can never become close friends with this subgroup.

There are some Virgos I choose not to be friends with because I can feel that we will not hit it off at all, and both of us would probably get badly hurt in the process. I think they feel it too and we mutually choose to remain acquaintances.

And then there are the Virgos with whom I have had fierce, mutually abusive relationships. Some of these also fall into the category of close friendships. I think that when a Virgo discovers that my intensity does not run as deep as theirs, sparks start to fly. I just can't match your bottomless depths dudes, I am wired to loll in the sun and eat raw steaks, mkay?

I read in some suspect description of relationships that Leos have something to teach Cancers, and something to learn from Virgos. That sounds incredibly lame. But if it is true, then I have a feeling that whatever it is that you are trying to teach me, Virgos, I am NOT GETTING IT!

Could you be a little more direct? Try spelling it out? This furry feline is no good at mind games.

What am I missing here?

I think that whether this Zodiac shizzle is real or not, I am fated to have many Virgos in my life. One thing I have learned from you is that if you work hard at a relationship, it can be most worthwhile.

But if you just aren't connecting with someone, it is nobody's fault (blame it on the sun) and there is no need to waste energy on it.

Oh yeah, and there is no such thing as a "light friendship" with a Virgo.

Does anyone else have this weird thing with Virgos? Or any other star sign? Is there a particular sign that just stands out to you?


Anonymous said...

My sister is a Leo!! :)

I'm a scorpio and supposedly we're possesive, emotional and passionate. I have to admit, I am partial to my star sign.

6000 said...

Virgos are great. I have always liked Virgos.

Apparently, Virgos are very scientific in their approach to things.

Scientists are great. I have always liked scientists.

Anonymous said...

I totally don't get the Zodiac thing and to be honest I never bothered to find out. If I had been born on my due date I would have been born Sagittarius, but I was 6 weeks prem and turned out to be a Scorpio. Does that mean my personality just suddenly totally shifted? I'm not so sure about that... My SIL went through a stage where she would comment about everyone by saying "Oh they're SUCH a Libra" (or whatever) and it drove me INSANE...

Damaria Senne said...

I'm also a confused Leo. Probably an attention seeker; otherwise, why would I be a writer and blogger? Yet, also very shy, and do better with people online than i do in person.

po said...

sleepyjane: do you mean you are attracted to people who are Scorpio?

6000: written like a true Virgo/scientist!

qcc: yeah that is my issue exactly, how come the position of the sun only affects you as you are squeezed out, does the amniotic fluid somehow shield you from it?!

Damaria: we sound very similar in that respect! I struggle with people in real life. Online is much easier.

LadyFi said...

Er... gosh... um... OK - I'll break down. What month are Virgos born in? I know I'm Sagittarius, but don't know what anyone else is...

There might be something in the Zodiac signs.. and then again - maybe not.

Anonymous said...

My first love was a Virgo. I loved his methodical approach to our relationship. Always on some or other schedule. My sister could not understand why I loved it so much. It drove her insane when she was around him planning our next date in the time allotted in this date to discuss what we're doing in our next date.

It was insane.

I loved it because I'm insistent on being irresponsible. So being on a sort of schedule settled my mind going nuts. He always said I balanced him out. Like he couldn't talk about certain things (i.e. work- it was all too mathematical for my creative mind) but he and I liked that for some odd reason.

I broke up with him because he didn't want to name our relationship till he could do something about it. *shakes her head* I hear that he's still planning to marry me. Which is sweet. But I'm not thinking about marriage at the moment.

I myself am a gemini-taurus cusp- which is just confusing. It means that I have two stubborn split personalities in me. lol.

PS sorry for the long reply. I get carried away when I talk about him.

Anonymous said...

That Kitten is SOOOOOO cute :P

EEbEE said...

It is written that information can be gleaned from the position of stars. The main issue is that it's a skill which is very difficult to master. I'm not sure anyone today can do it.

Also how the hell do we know who is real and who isn't.

Horoscopes (which are totally bogus) are SOOO vague. You can apply what your horoscope says to 90% of anything that happens

po said...

Hehe Ladyfi I am with you, I have no idea about star signs. But really, there IS something about Virgos though! I bet you if you figure out who is a Virgo you will see a pattern. You could do an experiment.

Paula: haha he sounds like such a Virgo! What are you?

EEbEE: I totally agree. But... there is something about Virgos!

BecauseIcan said...

The one thing that I know about being a Virgo, is that even though I know that I may not be perfect... Nobody can really tell ;-)

po said...

B: haha spoken like a good Virgo! Ja I knew about you too, you see, blog land is full of you guys!

She said...

I don't pay much attention to zodiac signs and the different chemistry amongst them. But I have noticed that I know A LOT of Leos. By the way, of outside of being stubborn, I'm meet none of the characteristics of a Leo.

Anonymous said...

Think I will keep my eyes open, when it comes to "other" virgos, considering the fact that I don't think I fit the traditional virgo discription!

Abigail said...

I'm not sure that I believe this Zodiac stuff, but as an Aries I find I have lots of Pisces friends.

Anonymous said...

I am a gemini taurus cusp. My sister says that the following link is me exactly. Allegedly.