Monday, 28 September 2009

Mad house

At work today on our floor we have no:

  • water
  • fume hood (for working with dangerous chemicals)
  • cold room for storage
  • boss
  • lift
  • corridor
  • sanity

Somehow despite me having to walk up two floors and across to the next building for pretty much EVERYTHING, work is still expected to happen.

Well, I haven't been doing so much exercise lately so here's my chance.


6000 said...

Corridor theft is out of control in the Thames Valley.

P.S. Word Verfification: gesisist - past participle of Afrikaans verb "to be the most dirty".

po said...

6000: snort. It could also be "gesiste" couldn't it?

I know. Corridor theft is getting pretty bad. Am considering moving back to SA, samping seems mild in comparison to losing an integral part of a building.

Ches said...

Enjoy...sounds like fun.

SonnyVsDan said...

hehehe, somehow i find delight in your misery

po said...

sonnyvsdan: evil. But yeah it is a bit of a comedy of errors at the moment. I can't complain, the poor technicians have no dishwasher or autoclave to sterilise waste and no water anyway, so they have to walk upstairs carrying heavy stuff about a million times a day.

angel said...