Friday, 11 September 2009


The lovely Being Brazen gave me a lovely award, and I am supposed to list 10 random things about me but I do believe that that is impossible because I have listed so many random things about me that I am no longer random.

So in the time honoured tradition of her blog I am going to post

10 things I learned this week instead. Although it may turn out to be just 10 random things about things.

1) baking is for me, a very dangerous sport. And I am not referring to burning myself on the oven tray or flinging icing sugar all over myself (I flung icing sugar all over myself). You see, if other people do not finish your baked goods, then they are left there all alone, crying, begging to be eaten, to be warm and safe in your tummy... yeah. Burp.

2) I seem to be surprisingly good at baking, considering the sugar-flinging etc. Baking is remarkably similar to lab work, if you are precise in your amounts and follow the instructions, things should work. Aha <=== hollow laughter.

3) I have no self control if there are brownies in the house. Food is my nemesis, and I can eat until I am sick.

4) I am as confused and as lost at what to do in terms of my future as ever. Maybe this will never change.

5) my back is far from healed, in fact it has had a painful regression. Patience is something I must attain in this regard.

6) 10 things in one week? That is way too many things to have learned. Hey, I saw an article about Winston the speedy pigeon in the UK metro newspaper. Go Winston!

7) attacking someone's stupidity or weakness with hollow sarcasm does not impress me. Sarcasm, while amusing, is cowardly if used as the only means of attack or defence.

8) English people over the age of 26 use up all of their paid holiday to work on their houses, it seems. They really like to keep their houses nice here.

9) I have no idea how to get into my lab tomorrow. Every entrance has been blocked off by builders except for an underground mole-like tunneling system that confuses me so that I wander around in it for 10 minutes only to come out in Perth. I would take a compass but there's no point seeing as North is meaningless to me. Do you think I know where North is in relation to my lab? Ha.

10) come to mention it, I actually have never used a compass to find North before. Are the sharp pointed ends you stick into the paper when you make the circles used to fend off underground mole giants?

On the list of 10 things to learn next week: compass 101.

I award the sword-wielding lizard lady, I think she knows who I mean,
and the mohawked creative lady who is not so fond of capitals.



Being Brazen said...

Aww, thanks for doing a 10 things I learnt post - and mentioning me. You totally deserve the award - btw.

I also have NO self control around brownies.

Ches said...

I attacking arrogant, ego driven know-it-alls with quick witted sarcasm ok Po...cause I find it hilarious...and do it a lot.

Ches said...

Ps. I also have very little self control around brownies... ;)

LadyFi said...

Oh, I love your random wit!

po said...

BB: brownies are evil, and when there are lots of them around, what is a girl to do? There is no form of self defence against brownies that I know of except thowing them away and that is just so wrong.

Ches: I know, I use sarcasm a lot too, and I think in light arguments and situations it is perfectly acceptable, but if you are in a serious argument, then using sarcasm is not a form of furthering your actual argument according to what they are saying, it is just a technique to make yourself appear superior, disarm them, and completely ignore the issue. It looks like we win but we really just avoid the topic all together!

Ladyfi: thank you, random is a good description!

MidniteGem said...

ohhhh - now i want to bake this weekend! :)
SO SO sorry to hear the back is acting up again! Hope it feels better soon or you find all the patience you need to deal with it!

Tamara said...

I hear you on the sarcasm front. I enjoy it, but I need to learn not to use it to hurt as deeply as possible in a serious argument. It doens't gain me any ground - just wounds the other person.

Helen said...

Wow, what a coincidence! I just gave YOU an award! Thanks!

And brownies are evil. I had to stop baking them because my friends were complaining about wanting to fit into summer clothes...

I'll send you the best brownie recipe EVER if you want? It's seriously easy (even I can do it, and I set the house on fire if there's anything complicated).

po said...

midnite gem: thanks, argh my facet joints slipped out of place again, damn it was painful and then the chiropractor realignment was sore too.

Tamara: yeah, it is funny cos when I see other people do it I really do see it is just a defence mechanism people use when they are not controlling an argument to their liking, but when it is me it just slips out!

Helen: aha thank you! If I ever made these brownies again I woud not be able to fit into summer clothes!

Please send me your recipe so I won't have to slave over liquid brownies for two days ever again! Seriously, the little buggers would not set!

Dash said...

ahhhh brownies num num

Anonymous said...

*starts dancing* my first award.

First I'd like to thank the academy for bestowing upon me such a prestigious award...

Me like the brownies

and I'm grand at all things foodie.No idea why though. I'm terribly honest which people take as sarcasm- so it's really just a big NO WIN. Grr.

Prixie said...

ah a fellow baker. *bows in respect*

Anonymous said...

Hey you just won another award! Check my blog.

po said...

Dash: bad brownies, brownies eeeevill.

PAula: thank you for my awesome award, I wish I had your excellent creative skills.

I am not normally a baker, but we have this baking club at work. I baked quite a lot as a kid, and it is all coming back to me know...

Prixie: I don't often bake, usually for the same reason you mention on your blog ;)

angel said...

Teehee... so have you learned to use a compass yet?

po said...

Angel: I drew a really beautiful circle yesterday... it did not help me find my lab one tiny bit!