Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Totally Cream Crackered

I seem to be suffering from an annoying fatigue lately. I have no energy to do anything, certainly not write on this blog. And there is nothing to write about anyway, that is for sure.

Everything is so stagnant right now, perhaps my life is putting me to sleep? Or the dreary mundanity of it all? I know I should try to find something fun, an activity maybe, (street dancing perhaps? ) to make things more interesting but it all seems like such a mission when you get home so late, and are so tired you can hardly move, never mind do physical activity.

Life is sorely lacking magic these days. You could argue that I should be the supplier of the magic, but sod that, I do not have the energy. I need divine intervention and nothing less.

I just hope that this fatigue has an obvious explanation, like hormones. It may not be "that" time of month but I figure we have hormones in our bodies all the time, and they are doing their cycling and peaking and troughing all the time, so it is ridiculous to call ourselves "hormonal" at just that one time. Maybe I am hormonal now, even though I am not "hormonal". You follow me here, with all the inverted commas?

I hope it is hormones so that it is not some other inexplicable thing that will drive me unwillingly into the clutches of the NHS, for I would rather eat broccoli than suffer that fate.

My trust in the NHS was greatly "strengthened" <== even more inverted commas- this weekend, after my sister told me about her recent visit to the doctor. She has high arches, caving ankles, back pain, and other problems as well. Her doctor told her that "she is too tall". Well. That is useful information. And what the crispy creme donut is she supposed to DO about it? Where should we amputate? Top or bottom pray tell?

Um. Ja. Excuse the NHS rant. To know them is to love them.

I am going away to Spain next week. I know it seems that I am on holiday all of the time, but this is not true, it has been a whole long and exhausting month since my last holiday. A whole month people!

It is a climbing holiday, so I am not sure how restful it will be , but I plan to spend hours lazing in the sun. It can take a reeeeal long time to put climbing shoes on you know. Like, an entire day.

This post has no coherence to it at all. No point either. Your hair looks nice, did you do something with it?


Ches said...

Why yes, thanks Po, you noticed...I had a gentlemens snip @ the barber about 2 weeks ago.

Being Brazen said...

Lucky you - I want to go to Spain.

Go for a Vitamin B12 shot - i hear they work magic ;) Ive had one or two myself and though they are sore..they make you feel perkier

Spear The Almighty said...

WTF? Too tall? Was the docter taking crac or something?

MidniteGem said...

I know what you mean about life getting you down esp when your exhausted on top of it. I start making goal lists normally to try and get me out of it. But sometimes it makes it worse.

Climbing in Spain...ok i'm jealous now! Where you going?

I'm hoping i'll be up to climbing in Portland in july - otherwise my climbing shoes will also taking the entire day to get put on.

LOL - my word verification is HEEPHASH...hehehehe

6000 said...

Quick word in defence of the NHS.

Turn that around - what is the doctor supposed to do about it?
If that's her problem, that's her problem. You can only diagnose what's there to diagnose.
The real measure is how the doc chooses to treat it.

Also had a Vit B jab. Was ever so exciting. My bum has never been the same since. Perkier and somehow more toned. The Botox injections in my face that I had the same had very limited effect though.


po said...

Why Ches it is very fetching :)

BB: Yeah, but you need to go to the NHS to get a prescription, which I am hoping to avoid...

Spear: haha, no they are all like that here.

Midnite gem: I don't hink I can compare my tiredness to yours!

It would be cool to go to Portland again, I had a good time there.

6000: but that is my point exactly! There was no suggestion of what to do about it. No referral to a foot specialist, physio, chiropractor, what ever could help. Just that she is too tall and that is that. So yeah, I guess he meant amputation was the only option.

MidniteGem said...

oh oh - come down to Portland on the weekend of the 4th july then :) Will be down there for the weekend. YAY

po said...

midnite gem: will definitley consider it.

Oh yeah, the place we are going to in Spain is called Rodellar or something like that.

Miss Caught Up said...

I was going through what you're currently feeling right now. Some days I just want to sit and be alone... It just takes some time to get out of the funk. Perhaps climbing in Spain will make you feel better :)

Anonymous said...

If you had posted this a mere three says ago I would have infinitely agreed, but currently I'm am a burgeoning ball of energy because I am on holiday
.... oh yeah! And school is the second last thing on my mind. So I am ammmmmmmmped.

I'll send a little energy your way.

My hair, too, has changed- coiffed... I'm lying it's just more mohawk-y ... I lauff it.

You realise that fatigue is a sign of pregnancy- I knw this will shock you in your core and make your body malfunct so I would suggest checking that too.

And stress too. Stress made me physically sick, tired and lewensloos. Twas not a good look on my gorgeousness.

So I hope you get a break.



angel said...

That ending had me laughing out loud!
So... you can't be overly hormonal as in bunin-the-oven then? The blogosphere does seem full of it right now.

po said...

miss caught up: I hope so, because I am tired of being tired!

Paula: I missed you and your quirky comments missy. What about posting a picture of your hair?

Angel: I think it is hilarious that no matter what I complain about people think I am pregnant. A while ago, I was starving all the time, and apparently that meant that I was pregnant. Now I am tried all the time and it seems I am pregnant again!

I reckon if I ever do get pregnant I will probably have loads of energy and never be hungry :)

Helen said...

Maybe you should be pregnant? Then you'd look back and wish you had as much energy as you do now...

I hope you feel better soon! It sounds like you really need that holiday! And some decent sunshine!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about the fatigue. I, on the other hand, have been giving a million explanations, but no solutions. I get that I'm tired, Ii get why, but what do I DO about it?!?

LadyFi said...

Yes - I just cut my hair. Thanks for asking.

Maybe you'll find some magic in Spain.. while taking days to put your shoes on and being forced to drink sangria and stuff.