Saturday, 6 June 2009

I want

How freaking cool does this look?!

Clicky the picture to go to the site.

I have made it clear that I am a sucker for well packaged bits of merchandise and this is the epitomy for me. It is a book by Lauren Beukes called Moxyland, which seems to be a sci-fi futuristic adventure in Cape Town 10 years from now.

I have not read it, but check it out, it comes with a toy, how cool is that toy, I WANT that toy. The toy is made by some impoverished women in Montagu. I love Montagu. When I lived in Cape Town, Montagu was practically my second home. If you climb and you live/d in South Africa, you have probably heard of and been to Montagu. I have so many good memories of Montagu.

And, and it comes with its very own soundtrack. How cool is a book with a soundtrack? A homegrown soundtrack inspired by the book. I have been listening to it and it is very funky and gritty and dark. I likey. You can listen to it here.

Damnit, why do I have to live all the way over here in darkest Europe, I want the book and more importantly I want the awesome toy of awesomeness!

I really am every retailers dream.

I may ship it over via Kalahari, or I may wait til my next visit, but either way, I am not good at waiting for things I want. Want. it. now. Anyone from Saffaland feel like flying over to the UK to deliver it to my door? I will make you tea. I will throw in a digestive too.


Anonymous said...

I had heard about this book but have no time for anything social or even fun because school is mind-fucking me with multiple orgasms. I've had fun though. So I'll have a look see in the holiday (but doubt that because we have to shoot an ad this holiday..)

But it seems fun; maybe shipping it over is worth the fun- I mean you DO get a free toy :P

Anonymous said...

There is also the e-book?

Being Brazen said...

Love the cover of that book - very cool...this book is on my very long reading list

Anonymous said...

OMG. I'd buy it just because it was cute, like you, I am a sucker for stuff like that. *sigh*

6000 said...

Is written by an ex-colleague of Mrs 6k. Author is also on twitter (

Am over to the UK in 3 weeks (ish) and will happily bring it over in exchange for hard currency (as long as it's not too big) - I already have almost 30 kg of excess child to carry.

Helen said...

That looks awesome, I'll have to keep an eye out for it! After all, it comes with a free toy!

LadyFi said...

What a brilliant idea - toy and soundtrack! Love it!

po said...

Paula: come and have a holiday in the UK :) I make good tea. Actually I make terrible tea, but it will be English tea.

BB: mine too, my list grows ever longer...

sleepyjane: it is terrible being a slave to coolness isn't it?

6000:oooh really?! I doubt your kids weigh 30kgs, you lie. Did you read it?

Shame, don't worry, I would feel bad making you haul it over here. But Kalahari takes sooo long and costs so much in postage.

Helen: oops, the toy is not free, you have to buy the toy separately, but it is for a good cause!

ladyfi: I know, I think every book should have a soundtrack

angel said...

teehee... I like packages like that too!