Thursday, 4 June 2009

Strong like itty bitty seamonkey

Mielie* (Van de Merwe) Cyrus, the pop pop pop star. Mwaha. Corny, I know.

Apart from making up random letter combinations while working feverishly at home (and er,blogging), and singing along to Mielie Cyrus (thanks Ches) there is one other exciting thing on the seamonkey grapevine.

I am now officially lifting 2 kgs per arm.

I know, you are floored. The power, the sheer awesomeness of my muscular prowess. Wanna see my bicep?

It is pretty exciting for me though, because I cannot remember the last time that 2kgs was a comfortable weight to handle.

Back in I think 2006, I did something weird to my upper back, that resulted in a humungous spasm. I had the spasm for a year, but since it didn't stop me from doing anything, I totally ignored it. Mistake, I know.

Anyway, a year later, there was a bit of a movement or a slippage, or something that felt very icky, and after that my entire upper back and shoulder areas in both arms were fooked.

After an extra 2 years of hoping, and painkillers, and physio, and an MRI scan, and specialists, and a misdiagnosis and a pointless operation, I had: one very sore arm.

Sore from the frigging operation,and sore from the original injury which of course has not miraculously gone away. I have also developed a deep and irreversible distrust of the NHS (the UK's National Health Service). This distrust was more than 2 years in the making, and it runs deep. You really do not want to hear my full opinion on this matter, it would run to many angry pages.

Oh yeah, I also screwed up my lower back in 2008, but that is another story. The NHS were no help there either (read impressively useless).

I think that my arm has mostly recovered from being sliced, but I am trying to accept that the mysterious original problem will never go away. A chiropractor is helping a bit.

But it seems that the years and years of rest for my feeble little arm have helped, because I am currently able to climb and as of now lift a whole 2 kgs, and while I can feel the twingy bits and they do hurt, the don't hurt tooooo badly (yet). It is a comfortable weight.

I am so excited; 2kgs!

This leads me to the happy conclusion that I must weigh 4kgs, seeing as I can climb, and my arms can deal with my full body weight, so it must be 2 kg per arm. It is a simple matter of physics, my dear Pinky.

Today I can lift 2kgs, tomorrow... well, still 2 kgs. I shouldn't get carried away, for there lies the path to other injuries.

But next year, maybe even 3.

*corn on the cob


Spear The Almighty said...

Lol! Want to arm wrestle? :)

po said...

Spear: Can I use both arms, my legs, and a sumo wrestler?

Being Brazen said...

WOW, Im still floored by this

I hope one day i can lift 2 kg per arm. right now all i can handle is shopping bags from the car to the apartment

po said...

BB: I am pretty sure the average shopping bag is waaaay heavier than 2 kgs. You are strong, I don't want to arm wrestly you *quivering in fear*

Helen said...

I never saw the point in arm wrestling, besides using it to distract the other person while you use your free hand to jab them in the ribs and run...

Well done on the 2kg!

Tamara said...

Go po!

I'll play thumb wars with you instead of arm wrestling... One two three four, I declare a thumb war...

MidniteGem said...

So awesome to hear that your healing ! and that you can climb! :) Well done with the weights. very impressed.

Ches said...

Ha ha ha ha ha....

...breathe...ha ha ha ha.

Poski that pic is brilliant!

I think the SA Treffer market needs a Mielie Cyrus. How about it? I'll be your producer.
Your first album can be titled 'Twee Gekilograam.'

2kgs, impressive.

Lopz said...

I'm still laughing at Mielie Cyrus.

po said...

Helen: aha, brilliant ploy, will remember that one the next time I am on the losing end of an arm wrestle, which should be always.

Tamara: cool, thumb wars, do you have one of those annoying back-bendy thumbs that can avoid being pinned? I hate those. My thumb is pretty straight so it is unfair.

midnite gem: hehehe, I am sure most climbers would laugh at the thought of 2kgs, but it is something... more than one kg at least.

Ches:OMG yes, me a po(pcorn) star! Only one problem, I am not Afrikaans so I probably won't be too popular. Maybe I can lipsynch?

Lopz: It was Ches's idea. It inspired me :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! i think the fact that you can climb means you are WAY stronger than you think. 4kgs. definitely. ;-)
i'm awed!

angel said...

Woah... I am impressed!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

muscular is never a good look on a woman lol, funny my boyfriend thinks serena williams is sexy but i think she is manly, hope you aint a serena look alike now with your 2kgs lifting arms

po said...

sass: hmm, climbing is actually all in the leg positioning, but don't tell anyone I told you that. Ahem, yes, I'm strong.

Angel: not impressive, most people can life heavier things than me! But I guess for my feeble arm it is ok.

miss definitely maybe: no way do I look like Serena Williams, but I have to say, I wish! I have no problem with the muscular look, if it means I climb better.

Rox said...

That's awesome news, and 2kg isn't too bad at all!

Kitty Cat said...

Amazing how long it takes for healing to happen...

po said...

Rox: hehe I am sure you can lift more than 2kgs!

Kitty: I know. Well, the doctors don't help if they go slicing you up in the wrong places!