Thursday, 26 June 2008

We demand political illusionment!

We are disillusioned.

For once all South Africans are united (a miracle I know) by a common spirit of: disillusionment. Disillusionment with the current "dispensation". There are a few notable exceptions, i.e the fat cats benefiting from said dispensation. They are illusioned, very much so.

The rest of us are fucking disillusioned and won't put up with this GOBSHITE any more. The poor are still poor, the moderately well off get poorer by the day, and the wealthy are saying "my electricity bill is how much?!" only they can't see the bill because the power is out.

South African politics is a circus, a farce. Our politicians are load shedding, hot air- producing, garlic - juggling and misdirected. Now I am aware that this has been the case around the world since time immemorial. But South Africa has always been a country of extremes and so our case is extreme.

In the UK, the politicians are aware that their role in society is to be hated, and so once every few months they release a scandal, a very British, subdued, "oops, look what we did, silly us, like a cup of tea?" kind of scandal. Then the public and the media go mad and tear them all to shreds and after a month all is forgotten and life ticks on.

(The US has its very particular problem politicians but I am not qualified to rant about them).

There is no sense of order to SA politicians' scandals at all. And these seem to billow, to plume out of the ether on a daily basis; a never-ending stream of ever more surreal utterances and incidences. And the defences are even more surreal.

"Kill? I didn't mean kill, I meant kill anyone who gets in our way. There is a difference."

"I am not a racist. It is not my fault if all Chinese people own factories and abuse workers."

Don't even mention cops shooting at eachother on the highway and causing mass terror amongst drivers. I know these are not politicians. Nevertheless, one more mess. If your police behave like gangsters, maybe we can persuade the gangsters to behave like police?

The question is, why is this still going on?

There is no lack of intelligent South Africans of all creeds and colours, capable of thinking before they speak. Why are they not leading us? We need a new opposition. Sadly the current opposition will never be elected, it just aint gonna happen.

So why aren't all the intelligent capable people out there getting into politics? Because they are too damned sensible. SA politics is a hotbed of backstabbing, sidestepping, goosechasing, denialistic cronyism. Who would want to get into that? (The money is good though...)

And if intelligent, educated people ever did form a party, the masses wouldn't vote for them anyway, because they would feel threatened by the education, and feel that the leaders are out of touch with their needs.

So the only solution to all this is to educate the masses. Give them an excellent education so that they are able to see politicians for who they really are and skop them out of the arena if they get stroppy.

Here's a thought: does the current government purposely keep the masses uneducated in order to ensure that they vote for "populist" leaders like them? Eish, I don't want to go there...

We need a new illusion for our country, the "rainbow nation" one is wearing thin.

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