Monday, 30 June 2008

NHS: free but how fair?

This blog is not supposed to be of the confessional type.

But operations are not cool and I am allowed to say so. I am sore and feeling sorry for myself.

I know it is a sin to complain about stuff when you are in a foreign country. There are people out there with life threatening problems, so I should just shut up about my sports injury, right? And the NHS is free, so can I really complain?

They kind of make you feel like you are a burger in a fast food chain, or being assembled on a conveyor belt, but it is free! They have many people to see, they are in a hurry, fair enough.

I'm just gonna keep reminding myself about it being free... ignore the fact that I didn't even know what was going to be done to me on the day of the op because the doc was on call when I had the pre-op assesment, and he told me after my MRI scan back in feb: "Something is wrong. We will operate."

MRI scans are expensive. All he could tell me is something is wrong? I know he had a better idea than that, but he was in a rush.

So for the operation, a completely new doc appears. I want continuity, I want the old one! This one had to ask which shoulder it was! WAH!

He was nice, with a cute Irish accent, but still.

While I was recovering post-op, he came with photos showing how fine my tendons were, and telling me he had shaved a bit of bone off me. From a place nowhere near to the injury. Now it is not my place to question the experts but I am questioning anyway. Is it really gonna help me at all? What about the other shoulder? As I told the other doc, the injury affects them both.

Ag, we shall see, once I can walk straight when the Anaesthetic wears off, if my arm is better, worse, or no different from before.

I started this whole process in June of last year. It has been one year to get this far. I cannot face all this again. So I figure, whatever happens, this is IT. No more. I will be a hundred before it is all solved.

It is free it is free it is free it is free it is free it is free it is free it is free it is free

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