Monday, 22 December 2014

Tick tock...

Tick tock. Had a midwife appointment today. Apparently my uterus is "irritable". Freaking understatement, my whole body is irritable right now! Please come soon baby. I think he dropped even further down today as my tummy has changed shape. And was planning to go an walk up and down UCT steps today in hope of some kind of labour induction but am not sure I actually can walk any more.

But irritable uterus sounds promising right?? It must mean something right?? I am grasping at straws here. Even though my due date is Sunday the midwife wants me to go to the hospital for monitoring on Friday because Squirmy is now so big and it seem like the fluid is getting low. I have to admit it makes me anxious and I may beg for some kind of induction by then. In midwife care, at least mine and I think in the UK they only tend to induce at 42 weeks, but I agree, this baby is running out of space and it just makes me nervous! Apparently sometimes a membrane stretch and sweep can induce so I may ask for that. I am sure no one who has not had one ever wants or needs to know what that is... so I will leave it to the imagination.

But I am having loads of Braxton Hicks so my uterus is both grumpy and practicing and this can only be good.

Still struggling with names, can you believe it. Have the original back up name and a new name that I love but G-man pointed out issues with his surname. Again. They seem minor issues to me but it is so freaking upsetting. I never would have guessed naming would have been such a nightmare for me.

On the babycenter naming board someone wanted to name their son Jamon. If you know any Spanish you will know why this is hilarious :D (Ok the spelling is missing an accent but still. Bwhaha).


Louisa said...

My brother and sister in law are also looking at boy names at the moment. Shame, like everyone I guess, they are trying to find a name that neither of them already know someone with. Between the 2 of them and their thousands of friends and enemies they have their work cut out for them.

I've heard about the sweep thing, also pineapple, rasberry tea, sex, hot air balloon rides, apple sours shooter...and so on. Hang in there, the end is near - or the beginning really. ;-)

po said...

Louisa I think Facebook is an enemy of baby naming because now all of a sudden I know what all my school classmates and other random people named their kids. In the past you would not know half of the names because you do not see these people. I have been drinking the raspberry leaf tea, but not tried the pineapple or the sex. TMI but sex scares me right now, there is so much pressure down there... not heard the apple sourz idea!!

Damaria Senne said...

A very happy New Year to you, BF and Squirmy. I hope Squirmy arrived with no drama.