Monday, 8 December 2014

Moving office.

I'm feeling sad. This is a tiny thing, not a big deal at all, but G has been working from home since we moved back to SA. Since my own job hunt did not go so well and I became a postgrad student instead, I worked at least twice a week at home too. It is so nice having both of us home. Obviously I try not to bug him toooooooo much during the day, but if I need to ask him something or have a little chat then I can, and we can go for lunch time walks, and have quick cuddles, and we just generally have a very insular but harmonious vibe going on.

However, we only have two bedrooms in our flat and the baby needs his office so he is moving out to a shared office with some climbing friends. He is probably going to move at the end of the week. I know this sounds lame but I will feel so lost without him around. It is amazing what you get used to. Obviously in the UK we both worked all day away from home and just crashed in the evenings, but this house is going to feel so empty with him gone and me just mooning around (I actually am the shape of a moon) and then obviously looking after a baby soon.

Also we will have to majorly downgrade our home internet, haha. His boss was paying half the bill as it was for work so we had unlimited. We are probably going to have a cap, this unheard of thing that South Africans have to deal with. We are internet spoilt brats, coming from the UK where internet is dirt cheap and caps are more of a myth. Saying that, G did once get us capped internet in the UK just because he thought it was the best thing ever that it was only 5 pounds a month, but we (he, actually, he was watching Game of Thrones and stuff like that every day) speedily exceeded the cap every month and immediately paid more to increase it each time. Lame. Please note that it is not that we could not afford unlimited internet, which was dirt cheap, it was just the novel thrill of SUPER cheap internet that attracted him, and we ended up paying more than we would have for unlimited each month anyway.

Saga of the internet aside, I wish we lived in a big house with an office and he could work at home, but this could actually be good for him. He was used to working in a busy office with friends. Maybe these last two years have been too lonely for him. I think he will really enjoy an office vibe again. I will just miss him like crazy.


chaia said...

hi i found your blog randomly. hello from the US. i'm sorry you are feeling so glum. it's good that you write it out though.

po said...

Hi chiaia thanks for the message! So sweet of you. I am sure I will adjust but will miss him like crazy for a while.

Helen said...

As you said, it's amazing what you get used to. Things are changing quickly and it's quite scary and there are always things that we lose that make us sad. But pretty soon you'll have your hands full and I'm sure he'll work better without having to be quiet around the baby. Totally logical that it's the best thing but it doesn't mean it isn't sad, and you are allowed to be sad.

I have a weird setup where I use P1's place as an office and go home at night. Mostly really nice, but on the days he takes off I develop an urge to throttle. I think it's better to have the day apart so we have something to talk about at the end of the day. Plus it's hard to pace up and down arguing with myself about the finer points of a thesis while he is sitting on the couch looking bemused. Just saying.

So I think my thesis and your baby are due at the same time. Considering it feels like childbirth on my side maybe you could come down to Joburg for a joint baby-shower ;) - for the record it sounds like you got what you need anyway, and baby showers (apparently) end up with people having a ton of clothes, a ton of nappies and a ton of baby oil. Baby oil is useful, but most people don't get through more than one bottle, so I'm not quite sure what happens to the other 15.

I am now rambling, thought you deserved a long comment since I have been neglecting this blog lately.

Going to stop now.

po said...

LOL thanks Helen. I felt like I gave birth to my Masters, so I can relate. You must be an expert thesis writer by now. I hope to avoid doing it ever again... we will see! Some kind people have given us so many things for this baby and we have bought sooo many things. Gumtree has been our friend. I always feel awful spending such huge amounts of money though, without knowing how really useful any of it will be. Oh well we can just resell it on Gumtree again :P

Helen said...

39 weeks tomorrow isn't it?

po said...

Yikes, yes, you are good Helen. 39 weeks tomorrow and the due date my doc gave based on a scan (which my midwives don't use). I was hoping he would have come before now :P am really not looking forward to going over my due date and all the monitoring and extra worry that would bring. Am so sore and over it now... come on baby!