Friday, 19 December 2014

Exit this way.

Oh man. 39 weeks today and still pregnant. Sob.

I had painful cramps all day today. Tried to do grocery shopping but it did not go well. I tend to always take the G-man shopping with me now and am so glad I did today. These cramps are not like contractions at all, because they don't go away. I could not think straight enough to select potatoes.

Google tells me that sometimes early labour starts this way, and other times you can have the cramps for weeks. Weeks! Please no. And my hips are tingling with weird nerve pain now and I don't think blood or lymph is necessarily reaching my legs - judging by their tingliness and the fact that they look like I have elephantiasis. My back, well it is sore but seeing as everything else is too it is not as prominent as usual.

Do I sound like I want this to be over? And Squirmy remains nameless - he shall probably remain that way forever as we just cannot find a name that we like that does not clash in some way with the surname.

In America everyone gets induced and in SA the babies get C-sectioned out of there. Am starting to see the appeal of these options over being slave to the readiness of a fickle and untrained uterus. My midwives follow a fairly British protocol of care and I am with the British ladies... waiting... and waiting... and going slowly mad.


Louisa said...

Good luck with the final stretch. :-)

Helen said...

eish, good luck! going for a Christmas birthday?

po said...

Thanks guys! Helen, it seems possible. Which is a bummer but to be honest I hope he comes before the 28th due date as my midwife says he feels "very term" so would rather have xmas than be late and have people worried about monitoring. Poor kiddo, we should have checked this before attempting to concieve hehe.

Sheena Kretzmer said...

Oh god you make it sound so glamorous ;)

Keep going, Po! Home stretch! Woohoo!

Seriously though, thinking of you so much. Checking back in daily at this point. xoxox