Thursday, 2 April 2009

Where are all the pool noodles?

An attack of sheepishness.

I am still too embarrassed about yesterday's post to say anything but that I am too embarrassed to say anything. If you see where I am going, round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush.

I am too sheepish to write a post today or maybe ever again. 

So it is up to you. Today's blog post is entitled "Seamonkeys on Ice star has unfortunate peanut butter incident while on pool noodle. Far  away from any actual pool".

I shall leave the actual content to your luscious and fertile imaginations while I continue to do my ostrich impression indefinitely.

This garbled nonsense was written in a low-blood pressure haze* of half-fainting and shaking like a mexican bean on the train, so it may not be entirely lucid, but this is what you have come to expect from this blog I am sure, and nothing less. Someone pass me an urgent cookie before I pass out.  A lackadaisical cookie will just not do.

*much like yesterday's post was written in a haze of love-sick vomit, which  I am still trying to get out of the chaise longue.
Only I don't own a chaise longue.  If I knew what one was, chances are I still wouldn't own one. It sounds a bit kinky, in a French negligé  kind of way. There shall be no chaising of longue in my boudoir, merci beaucoup.


Anonymous said...

I don't think yesterday's post was anything to be ashamed of! My philosophy in life - never apologise for how you feel! It's a beautiful feeling to be in that space, and I think not eveyone is lucky enough to get to that point. So don't feel embarrassed, enjoy it!

Ches said...

Tomorrows another day, Po.

Ps. My word verification says 'pradexa'?!

6000 said...

Don't listen to them. Never write again. Otherwise you run the risk of embarrassing yourself yet further. (is that possible?)

P.S. Pradexa - the drug you were on when you wrote this post

P.P.S. I've got "oushear", which is quite appropriate for sheepishness, I guess.

6000 said...

Oh - and re: your dizziness/shakiness/huge appetite. Do you know what's up with you? Cos those all fit with pregnancy.

But then pregnancy also brings uncontrollable gushy emotions.

None of them recently, then?

po said...

quartercenturycrisis: Thanks! I can't help it though, I do feel silly.

Ches: I hope it is ches. I hope it is.

6000: waha don't worry, head firmly in sand. Of course it is possible, after all yesterday I thew my wallet in the bin, there is always room for further embarrassment.

No drugs, and as ches would say, no noodles.

Actually I am starting to wonder what the crap is wrong with me cos I am behaving like I am pregnant but I really really am not. Yesterday I came close to passing out.

I don't think I can get away with eating for two much longer, I will have no clothes left.

LadyFi said...

Never realized that you had to be nude to eat for two.

Must be all those pool noodles - or should that be nool poodles?

Being Brazen said...

i liked yesterdays post :)

Helen said...

It wasn't that bad! It was cute and nice to see that some people are actually really happy and stuff! Don't feel ashamed for restoring some of my faith in humanity!


po said...

Ladyfi: haha! Nool poodles sound a bit Lord of the rings like. Those must be some scary poodles.

I will be nude soon seriously! I think I am starting to show.

BB and Helen: thanks, and it was all true, but I sure do feel sheepish for writing it.