Friday, 3 April 2009

It dreamt it was a sea cow.

Random fact: My Chilean friend told me that in Chile, chickens say "piew piew" (not so sure about the spelling) instead of "cheep cheep" or "piep piep".

That's some weird chickens they have in foreign parts, innit?


Tay said...

Love the picture, hee hee

Ches said...

Thought chickens went *cluck cluck cluck*

Or is that only in Africa?

po said...

Tay: my paint skills are improving, haha not.

Ches: no dude, that's hens. Hens go cluck cluck. African chickens go cheap cheap as far as I know, when they speak english anyway. I don't know what Zulu chickens say though. Anyone know?

6000 said...

And then they eat their feets.

po said...

6000: hmm, what is that? Scrapie? Sorry I am not too clued up on livestock diseases and stuff. Only maritime ones :)

An aside: I think chilean chickens sound like computer game chickens, do you think they spit bullets out of their beaks? Piew piew sound like a shooting noise to me.

LadyFi said...

Love the pic! Dogs over here say: Voff! And pigs say: Nöff!

Ches said...

Hell I'm so confused right now!

Zulu chickens go, *mshini wami mshini wami*

Anonymous said...

Ches - I thought that's what Zulu pigs say...

Po - I love that sheep! And I agree, they definitely sound like they come from some kind of computer game... Wonder what they feed their chickens over there?

Sass said...

American chickens don't speak. They're afraid of drawing too much attention to themselves because we will kill them and eat them on the spot.

If they do speak, they growl, so that we are confused.

We Americans are easily confused.

po said...

Ladyfi: and chickens?

ches: ha! I think Chilean chickens would agree since it sound like they are firing machine guns

quartercentury: haha nice one! no comment :)

I don't know what they feed them but I know they take their meat very very seriously over there, so I am thinking caviar and champagne at least

Sass: growling chickens?! You are freaking me out here. No but. Seriously, do American chickens go cheep cheep too? Or is it more of a peep peep?

Or a beep beep? Oh no that is the Roadrunner.

Rox said...

Tis true - animals have dialects too, depending on their region.

We will have to get a chicken from each country (or at least a few countries) and test this.

P.S. Have you seen this:

po said...

Rox: actually yes, I saw that this morning when I was checking out the blog awards! Haha, that is so cool. But why on earth would you need a llama on dial?

Sass said...

American Chickens say "bock bock."

American chicks (the babies), say cheep cheep.