Monday, 26 January 2015

Baby L: weeks 3 and 4

Weeks 3 and 4 were definitely easier than the first two weeks. We had baby L's first clinic appointment with a lovely lady, and he had gained even more weight by then. The nurse was more concerned about me than the baby, as she says that the little ones are very robust. Haha. It felt good actually, her concern. At that stage I was still not doing so well. We were getting a fairly good breastfeeding rhythm going but my nether regions were not doing so well and I was still feeling pretty weak and faint all the time. Going out was always a challenge. Sitting was hell. turns out I had a terrible thrush rash down there that was making everything even more painful than before. Baby L also got a mild thrush rash on his butt, which caused us much panic but it cleared up in about two days, thank goodness. I had to put Canestan down there which was daunting but the rash seemed to clear and then things definitely improved down there. Still have postpartum bleeding though. After 9 months of no period, this seems like the period from hell.

We felt so good after seeing the nurse/midwife. She is lovely and full of advice and help and so calming.  I felt quite cared for as well which does help. She told us that milk production with the hormone prolactin kicks in when I am asleep (it is really true, I always wake up with full boobs!) and so I should be resting a lot, basically just feeding the baby and resting. Of course that is easier said than done but with an amazing guardian angel like G I did lots of resting until he had to go back to work on week 4.

Oh man I was bummed when he had to go back to work. He helped SO much. He was chief nappy changer and helped in a million ways. The baby is also easier to calm when he is around as the smell of milk on me seems to make him quite wild. But I survived the first week on my own, not that I was really on my own for most of it, as my mom was there too. But I did find it hard. Some days he just cries, feeds, gets changed and then cries again. No naps at all. Other days he is better. I think he misses his dad, who is far more capable than me. His dad also takes him for walks around the garden, whereas I spend most of the day topless and rarely venture outside.

Today (start of week 5 but his 4 week appointment) we went back to the clinic and Squirmy weighed 4.5kg! So he gained half a kilogram in two weeks, which is on the high end of the curve. What a heffalump. He is getting really heavy and I already struggle to lift him. I have wrist strain from hoisting him up. He is so tall and needs to eat so much, I just hope I can keep up with his food demands. It feels like I have been breastfeeing for a lifetime but it has only been 3 weeks. I hope things continue to improve and we can keep this going.


Helen said...

Sounds like you are getting into the swing of things nicely (sorry, cliche, been working with paint stripper, no brain left).

I know friends of mine with kids always complained about having sore wrists, one of them had to have surgery, but apparently that is quite rare, the rest just complained. For him to be growing so fast you must be producing milk like a maniac, no wonder you are tired!

Thanks for the info on the... ahem... downstairs complications. Knowledge is power, and I need to know these things in case I ever decide to go down the kid route!

Louisa said...

Are you okay?

The first few months are rough...hang in there. It gets much much better.

po said...

haha Helen What goes on down there is pretty terrifying but of course can be avoided by C-section (apart from the post-partum bleeding, we all get that). I think things have calmed down a lot now, it is just feeding and sleeping and feeding some more. I do have very sore wrists and am wondering how I will cope as he gets even bigger. I met a lactation consultant who needed wrist surgery after handing pumping breastmilk, yikes.

Thanks Louisa yes I am ok, a bit overhwlemed with the relentless daily cycle of feeding and changing but yes things are much better now xx