Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The final countdown

My thesis is due in just over two weeks. This makes me want to sob, mostly with joy. Things are fairly well on track for me to make the hand-in date, barring some major objection from my supervisor or some terrible unforseen thing that I hope is not lurking around the corner. Oh how I dream for this all to be over.

Of course our uni threw an extra little bonus into the mix of a presentation that we need to do at the end of November, so I will have two weeks after handing in my thesis to prepare for that bundle of fun. This is the first time our department is making non-Honours students do this, which seriously bums me out. There is nothing that I hate more on this earth than speaking in public. The thought makes me want to sob, mostly with horror.

And then, oh sweet day, I will be finished (except for thesis corrections from the examiners) and can just, like, be pregnant for a few weeks before we get down to the business of having a baby. We are horribly under prepared as I am in a frenzy of thesis writing. The day creeps closer and closer and I am starting to panic a bit. A lot.

I got hold of a child mag for Cape Town at my antenatal class, and it nearly blew my mind. Mom and baby classes, child activity classes, child music classes, birthday party event planners and child therapy classes and I don't even know what else. I really don't think I can handle modern parenting. It was all so overwhelming I wanted to burst into tears. This could very well be hormones, I think. But still. When I was a kid my summer holidays involved reading a thousand books, playing in the garden and I think I did a Sunday school day camp for one day. There were no planned activities, classes or therapies and birthday parties happened at people's homes and did not cost a fortune. I am a quiet soul. Is it really necessary for kids to do all of these things? And for parents to somehow acquire money for all of these things? I understand that as most times both parents work these days, my type of childhood summers are probably not a reality any more. I just really hope our kid likes rock climbing, reading, chess, quiet time and self-entertainment, because that is what the BFG and I are good at. Otherwise I am going to need to find a good job ASAP to pay for all these classes and  activities that blow my mind. What am I getting myself into, I ask with quivering knees?


Louisa said...

Don't panic!

Those mags are just out there to make all of us inferior.

Your baby will not pop out expecting anything except all of your time, love and sleep, a clean bum and a full tummy. The rest is up to you... ;-)

po said...

LOL I know you are right Louisa, but my brain suffers from information overload. Also I think living in Cape Town scares me a bit, with all these things people do and spend money on. But maybe it is not just a Cape Town thing and everywhere is like this now. I just need to remind myself every day that I don't need to spend tons of money or keep a kid busy every second of the day to make him happy.

Louise Corrans said...

I also feel overwhelmed MANY times by "modern" parenting, as you call it. But then I remember it's up to ME how I want to parent. So this year I had a small and simple party for my five year old at home, with a home made cake which he decorated himself, and snacks made by me. If no one else likes it, tough, but my kid had fun. AND it's good for kids to "get bored" as it stimulates their creativity.

po said...

Louise, that birthday party sounds so great (Can't believe your little boy is 5 already!). That is the kind of birthday party I can relate to. However all the pics I see on Instagram and Facebook with incredible themes at venues etc make me terrified - I know I should just totally ignore social media when it comes to this stuff and go with what I am comfortable with.