Thursday, 2 October 2014

Aches and pains.

Oh wow, it's like the baby and my tummy exploded this week. Now I am really heavily pregnant. I am so uncomfortable all the time and my lower abdomen hurts. I think it is the muscles being all stretched out. I had quite tight tummy muscles and they are obviously being all separated and weakened and are not used to bearing  a weight that must be approaching 1kg of baby. It aches all the time and I feel like I could get a hernia down there? I'm sure I won't but organs and such don't feel all that well supported.

And sitting in an office chair is hell. I can't breathe. There is no manoeuverability in this belly, so it cuts off circulation when I sit. I spend all day at uni wriggling around, trying to find a comfortable position. And this is only going to get worse?

Someone on my birth board mentioned that changing sleep positions at night should be an Olympic event and I have to agree. Shifting this big belly is not easy with no muscles to help out. And when the baby settles on the other side it hurts! Again. And getting up out of bed requires special procedures now that my muscles are just accessories.

And sleeping. My feet overheat. I get too hot and then too cold and then... its morning.

Pregnancy is so much fun, haha. I think the next 12 weeks are going to be tough. But at least there are only 12 more of them. I plan to write the rest of my thesis from my bed in a reclining position. That way I can breathe and type at the same time.

I do like feeling his wiggles though. I will miss that. While I am driving he sometimes thwacks my bladder really hard. I won't miss that part, ouch! But the rest, and watching my tummy bouncing around, is fun. My baby seems to like the breech position though. It is still too early to worry about this being a permanent fixture, and today he appears to be lying sideways, but as I mentioned before, I did everything possible to be able to try for a natural birth, and I don't want no breech baby. I may have to start all the spinning exercises soon. Spin, baby, spin!


Louisa said...

Have you tried a belly belt/elastic?

I can't remember where I got mine...Dischem or Baby City or Reggies. Anyhoo go look for one, it's the shit! Just gives you a bit of support for the extra load. I have one slightly smashed vertebrae and I never had any back pain.

It's just an wide elasticy thing that you can wear under your normal get up. About 20cm wide if I remember correctly, could be a bit's been a few years.

po said...

I haven't thanks Louisa! I bought a kind of support belt, not elastic, have not used it yet. I want to wait til things get really sore, cos right now it is more uncombortable and I don't want to teach my muscles to be lazy. But I think the elastic sounds more comfortable. A slightly smashed vertebra! That sounds like agony. Am amazed you never had any back pain in pregnancy. And mine is minimal even with my back injury. I feel bad for the poor ladies who only start having back pain in pregnancy, because I think we previously-wounded have a better idea of how to take care of our backs.