Saturday, 5 July 2014

Major diet-related guilt.

I know going on and on about pregnancy related stuff can be somewhat tiresome, but it does tend to take over your whole life, for obvious reasons.

I did not get morning sickness, no vomming for me, hooray for that. I did get nausea though and an enthusiastic gag reflex. I also got a strong aversion to vegetables. They don't make me nauseous, but my stomach just says NO. I do try though. When I make something healthy it can take me an hour to eat it because I really have to force it down. Which makes me naturally want to avoid all vegetable dishes because they are such an effort to eat.

Meat is not enticing at all either. I can eat it but it will not digest and it just makes me feel blegh. So there is a lot of force-feeding going on at the moment.

However, carbs are my best friend! Potatoes, oh yeah. And chips - The Simba kind, especially corn chips make me feel so good! There is a definite salt craving going on.

I have to admit I have eaten a few full bags of nik naks and ghost pop so far. And a few people have pointed out that they are filled with MSG and preservatives and a whole crap load of e-numbers and lots of salt and that I should NOT be eating whole bags of them. Eating donuts and sweet things does not cause so much panic but my chip consumption is apparently a whole other level of bad.

Now I am panicking somewhat. Will my poor kiddo have some kind of nasty issues due to salt overload or horrible e-number overdose? Ugh. The thing is, it is so hard. All other food is making me miserable. All I crave is salt and carbs and it is the only thing that makes my tummy feel ok, And I am trying. I forced down a steak today and yesterday I force-fed myself a homemade soup with at least 4 types of veggies. But egh. Eating is such an effort. And my nik nak addiction has probably already done the damage if there is any.

I am going to try like crazy to avoid all chip-related binges from now on. How, I do not know. Try telling my stomach how delicious butternut really is and please send it the message that gagging is no fun.


Louisa said...

Aaah Nik-naks...they used to settle my stomach too. I used to pace myself a little bit with those tiny packets. The other thing that went down okay was provitas and cheese with something (usually fruit). I couldn't stand the smell of any meat except chicken for quite some time.

Good luck! You have to eat might as well be something you enjoy. Have you tried baked potato with just a bit of something healthy on top?

po said...

Hmmmm, baked potato, hmmm. Thanks Louisa, I was eating the tiny nik nak packets and then I cracked and went for the whole huge bag :P I struggle with fruit but have been trying hard. It is just such an effort to eat these days that I struggle to make the effort. I am still struggling with pains and indigestion from the meat I ate yesterday.

Helen said...

jumping-jack cheddar popcorn?

po said...

LOL Helen Jumping Jack is my usual binge but pregnancy seems to demand the hard stuff. Saying that, is there not all the usual additive stuff in Jumping Jack? Must check it out!