Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I am back in the UK.


I spent 24 hours travelling and have to be up for work tomorrow.


It is cold. I bet you never saw that one coming, aha! Apparently they have been having Armageddon weather here while I was gone but it is grey and drizzly now, which is perfectly normal.

My special stash of niknaks, biltong, alien green smarties, and funky biscuits got stolen from my bag. Bleak, bleak am I. One of the main reasons I go to SA is to stock up on the food of awesomeness and it is all gone. At least they didn't steal anything of real value I suppose. Although, who can put a true value on alien green smarties? I guess I should be grateful that I have been saved from obesity though, cos I probably would have eaten all that stuff in one go.

I am sorry to report that I did not have any sushi, milkshakes or Steers burgers while I was there either. To be fair, we were camping in Steers free zones for much of the time.

I shall report back on my trip of awesomeness sometime soon, but now I actually have to go to a freaking writing class, although I have just walked in through the door. Meep.


MidniteGem said...

welcome back :)

Cant wait to hear what you got up to ...and the climbing of course.

I havent even gotten around to my holiday stories yet and I arrived back on the 1st! bad me!

Anonymous said...

welcome back! i missed you :D

6000 said...

Oh - just back now?

Then you probably won't have heard THE NEWS!!!?!!!


Hope you had a good time. And damn those LHR baggage theives.

Cam said...

Po, you're back!

Hope you had a good holiday. Happy 2010.


Damaria Senne said...

welcome back.i hope you had a good holiday. JHB is gray and drizzly too, unfortunately.

Tamara said...

Yay! So glad you're back!

Your word verification is "loequit". So close to loquat. That would have been kewl.

Helen said...

Awww, dress warmly and stuff... if you want to email me an address I can try and send you some niknaks and peppermint crisps and stuff?

I love the beagle sniffer dogs at O R Thambo, they are the cutest things ever!

Can't wait to hear about the trip! For what it's worth, it's been cold and rainy all week... so you're not missing much!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
Can't wait for the SA Stories

po said...

midnite gem: howdy, please get to your holiday stories!

Paula: missed you too, and your quirky comments

6000: what NEWS????!!! Is it something totally exciting and amazing? Have I been declared president of a small tropical island??

Ches/Cam: why thank you, and you too.

Damaria: but it cannot be as icy as here, I hope! Poor you. My body is in shock from the temperaure differences it has experienced.

Tamara: thanks!

Helen: I was really looking forward to my niknaks etc :( you can buy them here at SA shops but they are very expensive and often bordering on stale...

Lettice: thanks!

MidniteGem said...

lol - i'll get there with the stories...if only this annoying thing called work would get out of the way!

Oh and btw - the biltong was probably confiscated not stolen. Meat and dairy products are not allowed into the country. I've even had it taken out of packages that have been couriered over to me.

po said...

midnite gem: hmmm, you could be right, but I am not convinced. Firstly I have brought biltong in before, secondly why confiscate niknaks? Cheese flavouring??? And if them then why did they not confiscate my cheese flavoured jumping jaks. And I am pretty sure you are allowed to bring chocolate into the UK so if they confiscated the smarties then why not the astros? I am thinking wealth distribution, or maybe someone somewhere was just really hungry, and they had a little party. I hope they had fun!

ExMi said...

welcome back...

guess what i'm eating right this very second? niknaks.

yum yum.


(hate me?)


po said...

Exmi: aaaargh hate you!!! With love ;)

Caz said...

That is TERRIBLE! Bloody criminals. What a cheek. I remember when my house was ransacked last year I was most irate about the GHD. some things are sacred and only a sick person would rob me of my GHD and you of your smarties. It's just not right.

po said...

Caz: I know!!! Interestingly enough these guys left the ghd, and while I dont use it much it was the most valuable thing in my bag after the smarties so I was glad they left it. I can sell it to buy more smarties :)

LadyFi said...

So glad you're back but poo to the person who stole your awesome alien green smarties!

Dora said...

Your stash got stolen?!

I'm not sure about epic weather here, think I missed it too...

Welcome back! (or not to the weather I suppose....) ;)

Being Brazen said...

Welcome back :) *big hugs *