Thursday, 20 August 2009

"The best things in life are free

But you can give them to the birds and bees, I want money, doo doo doo doo, that's what I want..."

In my old and wiserly (is that a word? It is now) age I have come to some conclusions. Wisdom does descend along with gravity when one hits the age of 29.

I am a person who will NEVER know what they want. I have come to terms with this. It is all ok. However, I am starting to see one or two vague strands of insight into what it is I want in life.

And they are:

  • Simplicity. I want a quiet, uncomplicated life. No drama. No turmoil. No unnecessary complications.

  • Boredom. This may be another way of saying "I want a quiet, uncomplicated life. No drama etc" but I also actually enjoy being bored. I am not one who enjoys doing lots of stuff. Doing things is ok now and then but I am one for doing great loads of nothing. Doing stuff all the time exhausts me. Unfortunately BFG is a big time doer, so there has to be compromise.

  • tranquility. This is another way of saying "I want a quiet, uncomplicated life. No drama etc"

  • Introspection. I like to think. I need to think. Alot. People always say I think too much, that I should just get on with my life. Aha, but these people are doers. For me, thinking is getting on with my life because it is a very important part of my life. It is what I like to do. I don't think it holds me back from getting on with life, cos I am still living while I am thinking. The world needs thinkers as well as doers, yeah?

  • A house. One day, maybe in the distant future, it would be nice to have one. For a specific reason; I want walls to paint. I am no artist, but I am obsessed with bright colours and patterns, and I keep fantasising about going mad and using the walls of a house as giant canvasses to turn into my personal art project. Unfortunately this requires money, as well as a country to call home.

  • Financial security. To know that I will always be ok financially. Sadly this is entirely unachievable, but it would be great to have.

  • A cat/hamster/giraffe. This all depends on the size of my future garden really. Oh I guess a garden would be nice too.

  • Travelling. There is definitely a lot of the world that I still want to see.

  • rollerskates, the moon, a new trombone... just thought I would throw these in there in case the wish fairy happened to stop by.

Unfortunately most of these wants are beyond my control. Fate, or God, or chance or entropy or Santa or whatever controls your future does not really care about what you want. Like for instance, drama has a way of finding people, even placid people like me. What can you do? You have to dance with her, the drama queen. There is no fighting her.

But this is what I want. I know this much.

What do you want, little blog people? Maybe some of you enjoy dancing with drama. Please, when she comes knocking at my door, can I send her your way?


Louisa said...

I think you should get a dassie, never mind a cat or a hamster, the giraffe can stay though. What would you call him?

Ches said...

Po, from one 29 year old to impart wisdom that rivals no other. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on simplicity and tranquility - the drama queen has outstayed her welcome here!

Right now I want time to read - more than the couple of minutes I allow myself before bed at night.

Anonymous said...

Oh Po,

Well, I agree with peace and tranquility... but stress always manages to mess me over.

But your giraffe sounds cool. What would you name it? Or would you be arb as I and name it after the sound the wind makes padding through the leave- sadly there is no spelling for this one.


Helen said...

yes, what about a dassie? at the vet we have people with a pet chicken and she's awesome too!

I tend to want simplicity and tranuility, and then if it happens (occasionally) I get bored and want dramadramadrama!

A pet giraffe would be awesome! Imagine not havng to prune trees... and going for giraffe rides!

Damaria Senne said...

Aaah! I'm so happy to connect with another person who understands that thinking is getting on life.

po said...

Louisa: what a cool idea for a pet! ~And it would guarantee me that my sister would visit, "dassiesdassiesdassies".

Po: so ches what do you want?

quartercenturycrisis: I think you have had more than enough drama. Me too. Boredom is wonderful, it is a little known fact.

Paula: how cool, you would name it a sound?! I would name my giraffe norm cos I name everything Bob or Norm and my last pet, the cactus is Bob so it is Norm time.

Helen: oooh nooo I never get bored. So can I send the drama queeen to you cos I never crave drama.

I think a giraffe would possibly be the awesomest pet in the world.

Damaria: I know, I get told that I think too much all the time. But I am happy that way :)

Dora said...

Right now? I want time to stop. I want summer to last....

SonnyVsDan said...

I thought that you were always complaining that you are bored at work? That you're really just-not-that-into-it? By my account, what you claim to want doesn't add up.

Might be because I am a thinker and a doer. Many people tell me I think too much and many people tell me to just relax and do nothing for a bit - while I enjoy that, what I really want from life is to be constantly challenged. Travel, relationships, work, sport - don't care, just throw me something I've never seen before.

Prixie said...

ah you making me quite introspective now...sigh...

i hope you get everything on your list, i sincerely do

Irish Chicken Soup said...

I agree and no you may not 'cause I don't want her either.

I've always been a bit of a loner, I don't mean to be, but I'm also starting to wonder what's so wrong with it. I like quiet, I like thinking, curling up with a book. Sure I want people in my life, but I also want them to be the "right" people. I've never been much for drama or fighting and doing just for the sake of fighting or doing.

nemesis said...

ha ha

I want a girafee too

LadyFi said...

Why make life simple when it could be so much more complicated? Seems to be a motto that follows me around.

I'm with you though on the simple life though. I've had enough drama to last me a lifetime or three...

Apart from world peace and an end to poverty, some chocolate and coffee would be nice right about now... ;-)

po said...

Dora: me too me too, I am scaaaared for winter this year, I struggle to cope

Sonnyvsdan: aha you are wrong, I am not bored at work at all. I am just not a scientist, ie I dont suit my work. But I am not bored at all. Actually, as far as jobs go, I am really lucky! I did wish once that if I had to be a scientist I wanted to be somebody's personal PCR monkey (can explain PCR another day, it's a technique to make lots of DNA), just do all their PCR for them, and basically my wish came true! I spend all day doing PCR. It is like meditation for me. I don't love science but I am lucky to be doing something that I kind of like :)

po said...

Prixie: thank you, nothing wrong with being introspective, I think it should be done more often :)

Irish chicken soup: I hear you. I love lying around reading. I see no need for drama. I am a loner too, although that is complicated because I do live with someone! But we give eachother lots of space.

nemesis: maybe we should invest in a vacant lot of something so we have a place for our giraffes? Maybe we could share the giraffe to cut costs?

Ladyfi: Oh dear does the queen follow you around too? I feel for you! Chocolate, oops forgot to put that one on my list, but I have always known I wanted that :)

Ches said...

Po, what do I want? I want to live in the bush again, and be my own right, not someone elses.

Tamara said...

I want some decent music to listen to and a nice couch to replace the crappy fold-down bed thing we (ineffectively) try to disguise with a giant throw that is totally uncomfortable as either a bed or a couch.

Simplicity, yes?

Really, I would love more time. To spend in my garden, with my hubby, writing things I like to write instead of things I have to write...

I do not want a hamster, with two cats, that would be inviting drama in. And we're not friendly with her.

Why do people not seem to understabnd that thinking and living life can happen simultanesouly and that life can be all the richer for some introspection?

Sorry for the disjointed essay of a comment.

mylifescape said...

wow, thats an awesome list... i've been working too hard and haven't had much time to blog, or comment... but often think of you and glad to hear you are in good spirits!! I'll take a giraffe too ... thx :)

DelBoy said...

Sounds like you need to win the Lotto! That would help you achieve all of the above!