Thursday, 12 March 2015

The boob saga continues.

I should probably not even be updating this yet because who knows what is going to happen in the near future but the saga of my left boob has new developments of course.

I saw a physio last week in the hope of unclogging my lumpy boob. She is awesome, kind of like a midwife and as I took baby L with me, she actually did a before and after feed weighing so I knew how much he was taking in. Oh, at that stage the little guy was refusing the left again after a week of feeding on it quite well. It was quite engorged from me pumping it so it was obviously easier for him. Then he stopped again.

So he fed from the right and only got about 60-70mls, so half a feed or so. I am ususally quite empty in the afternoon but still, that is really not much, sadly. So I started supplementing him with bottles of course to make up the rest of the feed. (He actually had real trouble taking the bottle the first few times to my horror, because he has always been the bottle champ. But so far he is now fine going from boob to bottle).

Anyway, my boob felt much better after her intensive ultrasound treatments on it and he did feed on it again but the huge lumps were still there. By the middle of this week he was not really getting anything out of the left (although he keeps trying, the poor sweet boy) so I always supplement with the bottle.

I went to a specialist today to get the lumps checked out.

 TMI warning.

There was a cyst 5cm deep that she drained. 35 mls of brown fluid came out. 35mls! I have tiny boobs in the first place so almost the whole volume must have been taken up by that gunk. It was really disgusting. But now I know. That huge lump has probably been causing the flow issues and all the other issues. Sadly the milk supply in there is very low now since the baba has not really been able to feed on it. I am going to pump and see if I can build up supply again, but to be honest I am pretty terrified of that boob now. Mastitis twice, thrush and a ginormo cyst. What if something fills up in that huge gap where the fluid was? What if a tiny alien spawns out of my nipple? Quite frankly, I believe anything could happen!

Boob saga updates to follow of course.

PS Squirmy got weighed this week (10 weeks) and has moved up from the 60th percentile to the 85th for weight. He was always consistent before. Maybe our supplementing is making him chubalishious! His head and height are consistent though. He also had his vaccinations and didn't even cry, what a champ. Can't say the same for the last 3 nights though, they have been rough, poor little guy. He just randomly cries and cries and screams. I think it must just be a post vax thing. I hope he goes back to his cheerful self soon.


Damaria Senne said...

Oh God! Just picturing all that brown fluid coming out...made me shiver and not in a good way. You are my hero Po, for considering pumping it after that. I'm chicken and would probably declare that i'd done my best to breastfeed, switch to a bottle feed and that would be it. I'd be scared of the boob too. But let's not get my overactive imagination working too, huh?

Good to hear Squirmy is doing so well despite the boob drama.

Sheena Kretzmer said...

I feel like I'm so close to you now that I know so much about your alien-birthing boobs. Hang in there xoxox

po said...

Sorry to gross you out guys. It was just so ugh. Damaria I am pumping it but it is pretty empty. There is a huge dent in it where the cyst was. SHUDDER. I am not srue I can revive it. We will see.

Sheens oh geeee I hate my boobs. Seriously I want to chop them off right now. Never thought these appendages would rule my life.