Thursday, 18 September 2014

I am growing a giant.

All of a sudden it has occurred to me that I am... HUGE. I do a pregnancy pilates classs and another lady there has the same due date as me. She is really short, but her stomach is way smaller than mine. And why this is, I don't understand. At my first scan my baby was measuring a whole week ahead so it may be that I am cooking a giant baby in there.

It also occurred to me that no one is monitoring my weight at all. My back-up OB-gyn did weigh me both times I saw him at the 12 and 20 week scans, but I don't see him again until the end. The midwives have not weighed me. I thought that this was awesome because all that weight gain was likely to be depressing but then I remembered that rapid weight gain is a sign of pre-eclampsia and it would actually be worth keeping track so I don't miss something like that.

So I weighed myself. The torture. It's crazy to think that the baby does not even weigh 1 kg yet. Where does all the weight come from? Well, I know it is the extra blood and the placenta and the amniotic fluid etc, but even then I doubt it explains everything. I do feel scared as my weight is about to enter new territory, I am currently at my highest ever weight from years ago. I am tempted to not get on a scale again! But I think it is worth keeping track in case something weird happens. Another lady in my pilates class had sudden onset pre-eclampsia at 30 weeks and had to give birth to her little one immediately. I would like to avoid that if possible!

Still can't figure out why I am comparatively so huge though. All I know is that the pilates must be working. I have not had any sciatica so far or any unusual pains other than the usual back issue that I have had for years, despite my baby being the size of a (very large) lettuce.

Also I am giving up coffee again, that one cup a day was making me too guilty. I am finding it harder than when I originally gave it up. I think because I need to be awake to write my thesis. But I have also been getting headaches. Ugh. I think it is worth it though, for my peace of mind if nothing else.


Helen said...

You are a brave brave person doing the whole reproducing thing. That is all.

po said...

hehehe LOL I don't think of myself as brave. It also took me until age 33 (and probably a very loudly ticking biological clock) to finally be brave enough... what makes me wonder though is if I will be brave enough to ever do this again. It really is not a whole lot of fun.

Louise Corrans said...

I also used to wonder what all that extra weight is made of. I gained 16kg during my pregnancy, and I am very short and small. And the actually baby only weighed 3.6kg of that! Don't question it and don't worry. A friend of mine gained 20kg and all was well and healthy. It's just what happens. ;)

po said...

Thanks Louise, that makes me feel better actually. I am not too worried, just riding it out, but it is quite weird though how all this extra weight accumulates. I like to imagine that most of it just disappears when you give birth - maybe I am living in a dream world!