Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pregnancy milestone - rogue bellybutton.

I can tell that my bellybutton wants to pop out. It is on the verge. I am dreading it. Outies freak me out. I have always thought they look hideous (sorry previous pregnant ladies). And you can't hide them. They stick out for miles. I am just going to have to not look down for the next 5 months because they give me a bad feeling inside.

Considering what is going to happen to my waistline and apparently my lady apparatus in the next few months, not looking down is probably the safest policy.


Louisa said...

Haha...yes, don't look down, whatever you do.

I don't think mine ever popped out. The line down the middle took sweet forever to disappear again though.

po said...

Lucky you for no outie, Louisa! I don't have the line yet, I don't think. Another fun thing to look forward to :P

Louise Corrans said...

Mine never popped either. Good luck.

Helen said...

uh, well if it does pop out, think how nice and clean you can get it?

Sorry, first thing I thought of.

po said...

LOL so true, my bellybutton has nevr been cleaner :)