Monday, 1 March 2010

New blog

Hi everyone,

I have migrated to my new blog site! It is very much a blog in progress, so I hope you will be patient with design disasters and stuff. But if you want to keep reading, you can now find me at

I hope to see all my bloggy friends over there!

UPDATE: Ok that blog domain has come and gone, I now blog at Am missing Blogger, to be honest.


Po said...
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sundaze said...

cool blog im just randomly going through blogs on blogspot :] check mine out too

Anonymous said...

same here. hope to find friends here. just new at blogging. please check mine too

Mike said...


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Micro said...

New blogger on the loose here but i am a little bit of old at blogging

kenech said...

another beer on the wall!am one of your followers.sorry i could not load my pic.wud love u to be my follower at would enjoy u.

La RockShell said...

hey i just clicked next blog and i found you :) cool site!